We are forever caught in an attitude of being trapped between the emotions of what the financial aspect of abundance does to us with what we are taught, what we have experienced and what we have felt within the emotions of any sort of Financial Abundance.

There is a war currently against those who have money, therefore giving the impression that money is somehow this evil entity and even the very expression of the belief of money has been misquoted in various scriptures.

It is talked about money being the root of all evil, when that was never actually said of it. It was the LOVE of money, or what ever is denoted as riches, that is designated as such. The concept here is that anytime you allow the ego to determine a worth of yourself, another human being or of a circumstance and you place a high value on it as to the perceived value it is in modern day designations, then your love for the concept of money has replaced your abundance attitude in general.

It comes down to when you love the power or the influence that a money designation brings, you have lost the concept of real abundance. The truth is that money is a tool and its value is based purely on the value we bring to it through our own experience.

Several years ago, there was a movie starring Will Smith, called, “I AM Legend”. It was a typical zombie-like movie where humanity is wiped out by a virus and now it is all about survival. One scene that illustrates my point about money was when Smith’s character enters a bank vault and on the floor of the vault is millions of dollars in cash. The cash, once a testament to influence and power, is now nothing more than meaningless paper that means nothing to anyone.

3 Components of Financial Abundance

The point here is that you need to get out of your own head when it comes to the financial abundance that may have eluded you to this point and become abundant in all ways. To thine own self be true when it comes to the truth of financial abundance within you.

Money is just a way to keep score, nothing more. The sooner you believe that it is part of the whole concept of abundance, then it will no longer be something just out of your seeming reach.

Component 1: Belief

There is a real lack attitude here when it comes to believing in your worth to actually become financially abundant. So many inane associations and teachings have prevailed against the overall attitude about money, but none more vacuous than the idea that there is a pie graph of money, that if some “rich guy” has a bunch, then there is less for you.

Incredible. Your ability to obtain financial abundance is no way dependent on what some one else does and is just a way the ego works against you to tell you that you are a victim for some reason, that society is conspiring against you to keep you down.

It is your belief, and yours alone, that gives you the impetus to achieve any level of financial abundance you desire. Don’t get lost in numbers, but instead focus on the abundance of abundance itself. Believe in yourself and your Higher Consciousness that is always at work within you.

Ultimately, it is all about the service you bring that allows abundance into your realm. Be better than any number that you assign yourself as to some perceived value financially. Believe a better you and abundance will beat a path to your door.

Component 2: Trust

This component takes the cynicism out of your rear view mirror and truly allows you to support the Belief that is Component 1. When you trust yourself to be true to who you are and you trust the Universe to provide because of that truth, there is a release factor that must then take over your very being.

Most trust with what i call a “one eye open” approach. Always expecting the other shoe to fall, or even believing that because something good happens, then something bad must be right around the corner.

The most famous of all statements and the way the ego keeps you off of this trust aspect is the “what if” statements. I had a client tell me that they did trust but what if this happens or what if that happens, then what? Then all of the trust is gone, right?

Trust is always a Now Moment experience. Trust is knowing that regardless of what transpires, the core of who you are could never be shaken. People and events will never work out as you may have expected, but if you have the trust in who you are in an given situation then you shall always be truth to your self.

Component 3: Listen

This is a dynamic that most get lost in, especially with the distractions of modern day society. Listening these days means music, TV, movies, social media and what ever else takes you from the listening that must be done in Harmony with Component 1 and 2.

The listening that must be a vital part of the financial abundance that you desire is the listening to your inner self.

The listening to that little voice inside of you to be still in moments that you think you should speak.

Listening to the silence of the day that calls you to release yourself to it.

Listening to those around you in a way of being genuinely vested in what and who they are as part of the human experience, for in the mere emotion often that accompanies listening you will find truths that could give you new insights into a financial path that may have eluded you.

There is an old proverb that says that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason; Listen twice as much as you speak. This goes to listening to your inner self as well. If you are always berating yourself and never just taking the time to listen in silence, then you are not giving the Universe an opportunity to speak.

Listen and you will find your way, but allow the truth to always be in your thoughts and actions as a result. Financial Abundance is a tool to finding your real truth, just don’t get caught up in the numbers for behind every number there is an emotion that precedes it.

Believe, Trust and Listen and the way to Financial Abundance is filled with clarity. You will attract the Financial Abundance you desire by the Universal Law of Attraction into your life.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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