It is funny how most seem to look at abundance, be it financial or abundance of the mind, body or spirit, as this drudgery of existence. Especially when it comes to the financial abundance, as it plays such a role in our daily existence, abundance seems to be not so much a life style but a game of some sorts that is won or lost on a daily basis.

It is as if we are keeping constant score when it comes to abundance, and whats worse, we measure ourselves against others as a way that we keep score.

Just the other day, i was talking with a client who struggle with the negativity of money, as i like to call it. Almost every session in which we meet, she gets to the discussion of money and usually with a very angry disposition. But just when i get her to get to release some of the anger, her ego then tells her that she is to measure herself and her situation once again when she makes the statement of how at least she has a roof over her head. That people are hungry somewhere and that she at least has food and shelter.

I just looked at her and said, “So what?”

Somewhat incredulous she began to defend her abundance that she had with almost a pitiful demeanor. You see, it is this overwhelming guilt that has somehow been instilled in us to put down any abundance whatsoever. It is as if we have to justify our abundance against others who may not seemingly have enough.

You see, anytime we compare, we judge. And in judgment, there is a closing of the allowing of abundance into our awareness. It is the ego at work to make sure you are humble, as taught, or that you make sure you keep all that you are entitled to. Either way, we shut off the truth of abundance in our own lives.

One of the most inane statements that i have struggled with is the one where someone looks at another and says, “There by the grace of God go I.”

Well, to say that statement is as much crap as one could imagine and to truly understand why is to finally have a moment of true release for your own abundance.

You see, i have found that what is really meant by that statement for most, and for the egoic mindset, is, “Look at that pitiful bastard. I am glad i am not them because i am way better off than that.” Essentially, what you are saying is that, when i look someone who seems on the outside not as well of as i am, then i am comparing myself to them and i am better in my situation. Yea for me.

What makes this statement so hideous is that you bring Grace into it and drag God as well. I mean, how could anyone say anything against that, right?

Well, it looks like someone did.

3 Ways to Bring Back Joy Into Abundance

Abundance of any kind should simply be a joyful journey and it is this mindset that takes into comparisons and makes it always a game of some kind. The journey then becomes like a reality TV program where we are constantly aligning ourselves with individuals that advance us or seem to be competing in some task that gives us immunity from being voted off the island.

So the journey then becomes to shift our mindset from a game aspect to more of an internal joy mindset.

Way 1: Understand That We are Not Dependent on Others for Our Abundance

This is one of the biggest hurdles to get over as most believe that abundance comes to them instead of flowing from them that then draws the appearances of abundance into their realm. Abundance is always an inside job and the more you understand yourself, the more abundance will flow to you with no struggle at all.

It is up to you to find that part of you that gives you the freedom to allow abundance to flow and to release yourself to it. The hard part is getting out of your own way and ceasing the ego’s influence into your life. Joy comes from this release that you are not dependent on others for all abundance comes from within.

It is a decision and a release that allows the abundance to become your reality.

Way 2: You Must Give Your Abundance Away

This is a hard one for most in that the very idea of giving away something that they “struggled for” is daunting. Remember, abundance is first a mindset and the joy from abundance comes from giving your joy away for others to see.

It is a principle in most financial planning programs that a certain amount of your financial abundance is to be given away. While it is usually put at a percentage, which is a start, true release of abundance could never truly be given a definitive percentage or amount in dollars. Giving yourself away is a truth of most spiritual disciplines and is a Universal concept that gives you a feeling of release in ways you can only experience for yourself.

A prime example of this is in the popular TV program, Hoarders. If you haven’t seen it, this program centers on souls who have a predisposition to hoarding things because they sense a comfort of some sorts. But at its core, it is a sickness and usually denigrates the person to lows that affect all around them.

The funny thing is that many are the same way with their abundance. They hoard it because of the fear of losing something, but, in reality, the more you give away, the more you gain.

It is a Universal Law.

Way 3: Understand That in Every Situation There is an Abundance Opportunity

We get caught up in money and most get so involved with making sure of not losing their money that they fail to see opportunity to be a soul of abundance. It is not always about the money but it is about the opportunity to be that soul of joy that seems to emote abundance in every way.

You see, it goes back to the mindset that is abundance. When you get out of your way when it comes abundance and allow it to just flow to you, there is no way that you can’t find a way to speak  with an abundant frame of mind. Life becomes opportunities to be joyful in abundance in the way you speak, the way you interact and in the way you are with your money.

In the end, money will never be how you are remembered. It will always be the joy you brought into the lives of others.

Money comes and goes, joy is eternal.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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