Manifesting, The Secret, The Law of Attraction.

All words that seemingly dissuade most from even attempting to look at the Universal Law of Manifesting as a way to live life. I mean, it is just too “Out There” for most, right? Just the creative-types and the ones who are in touch with their inner feelings are the ones who do “that kind of stuff”.


What the basis of goals in general? A plan to fulfill a desire within you that is given to you that expands your horizons in some way. Be it a new car, a relationship or a new career, we plan and set things into motion that, hopefully, put us on our path towards that which we desire.

When things happen that propel us along, some say they get “lucky breaks” and “were in the right place at the right time” and all other fancy way of saying that there was a manifesting principle that was working to propel you along your desired course.

The Universe makes no mistakes and for a true heartfelt desire to become your reality, there  is a truth that cannot be denied; You have indeed manifest your reality.

Gravity and Manifesting are Both Universal Principles

Like gravity, it is a Universal principle and one that when allowed to become your dominant thought process, you can begin the process of pursuing life in the flow of manifesting, not against it.

This is, on the outside, a very simple thought process, but most complicate it to the point that it becomes a complicated and convoluted way of existence that “doesn’t work for me” as most would say.

3 Ways to Begin to Internalize the Manifesting Process Within

Manifesting your reality is the stuff that the higher conscious souls do, but it is available for all who desire it within their existence.

Way 1: Begin Small

Even though you have manifest desires your entire life, it is when someone tells you that you can manifest your reality that the ego pulls you aside and tells you to “be real” and to “stay in the real world” that things begin to not make sense.

For me, it was a nickel. I was at a low point and had been studying and delving into living at a higher consciousness. But it was when a teacher told me to let go and to begin again in a small way. The key was to let it go and let it happen naturally and in an organic way.

I remember thinking about it as i shifted thoughts to it as i drifted off to sleep. A nickel clearly popped into my mind and i almost laughed at the simplicity of it.

You see, it has to make sense and it cannot be something then that you then manufacture in a way that is senseless.

The next morning, being one of the first in my local coffee shop, i went to plug in my computer and there it was. A nickel sitting there. The truth is that this part of the restaurant was swept and mopped every night before closing. This i knew as i knew the night manager and that she insisted on it from her crew.

You understand that it was not the nickel, really, but that it was manifest into my reality. If it can be a nickel in an organic manner, anything is possible. It is only the mind that keeps us tied to a small reality for ourselves.

Way 2: Let it Go

So often when people delve into the teachings of The Law of Attraction, they quickly become disenchanted as it doesn’t happen as they think it should be, usually in the time they think. This is the “It doesn’t work for me” mindset that fills the reality of those who think in the smallness of the egocentric life that most find themselves in.

Like in the story of the nickel, i had to “Let it go” to the point that i said it and released it but that i would know exactly when it was fulfilled into my reality. The Universe knew i needed it immediately and in such a way that it was evident.

It was!

You have to be willing to release it and live in the moment. If you are truly aware, then you will be ever mindful of the actuality of the manifesting as it occurs. It will make sense and your spirit will have a sense of peace and calm.

Way 3: Be Present and Have Faith

I cannot stress enough the Now Moment you are within. If i would have been constantly looking for the nickel, searching in all places, looking in every nook and cranny, then really it was a senseless display of faith and the very act of searching was a display of faithless living.

If you are in harmony with your true nature, the manifesting you will undertake will be in harmony with who you are as a Universal Creature. Living in a faith of expectancy will allow your manifesting to deliver your reality in such a way that others will say you are “lucky”. But you will understand that your manifesting has delivered the reality that you desired for yourself that serves the common good.

Living in the Now Moment and knowing deep within your core that all is happening as you expect it to, and that the Universe makes no mistakes, is the truth in manifesting a beautiful life for yourself.

Now go and manifest the life you desire, for as you do, you shall lift those around you in the process.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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