3 Ways To Begin To Understand How To Fully Live In Abundance


When most think of abundance, of course, the natural tendency is to think in monetary ways as it seems that financially, that is the way of the world.

Unfortunately, in the process of this limiting thinking, comes an actual lack of abundance. For it is when we limit ourselves in the fullness of an abundant life, we actually look for ways to not be abundant. You could say, it was our lack attitude, then, that is actually causing our disconnect from the abundant way.

Now, this is an area that most seem to acknowledge within their awareness, but, for whatever reason, seem to believe they are not worthy of.

Let me explain it in this way and for a moment, keep the monetary thinking clear form your thinking, even though the images are obviously of a monetary nature.

We all live in a mansion that is the way we have been designed to live. This mansion is not ostentatious, but, instead, impeccably kept and surrounded by beautiful acreage that is manicured and reflective of our true nature.

We are completely at home here, but we get bored or all of a sudden feel that we need some excitement of some kind. We then leave our mansion and venture out into the world to explore. In the process of the exploration, we attract ourselves to a rather unsavory element that seem to follow us back to the mansion at some point.

They invade our mansion as we have allowed them to do and attack us where we feel safe. We then no longer feel worthy of the mansion and then live in the expectation that only the unsavory element is all we are destined for.

Finally, we come to understand the significance of the mansion and what it represents and decide to take a stand against the gang that is surrounding us. When we finally stand up to them, it is the very nature of the standing up to them that makes them leave. We simply go out to meet them and, by doing so, we dissolve them and they leave.

3 Ways to Begin to Fully Live in Abundance

We accept our inheritance as creatures of abundance and we allow ourselves to become that which is already ours.

Do you see my point here?

Way 1: First Understand That You Are Naturally Abundant Creatures

Most operate from a place that they must crawl and scratch their way to the top of some magical hill called “Abundance”. That we are, at the core, worthless creatures that are fortunate, at best, to ‘luck into’ some sort of abundant life. That we get some sort of break and are able to get abundance.

The truth is that we are already living in this perpetual state as that is how we have been designed. That we have allowed various gangs of thugs to somehow give us an impression that we are not worthy of it is egoic in nature. The ego will always tell you that everyone is out to get you and that what ever you crawl and scratch for is yours to keep.

So abundance, then, become this trophy, of sorts. As soon as we think we get it, we then go about seeking how not to lose it.

The beautiful mansion, then, that is open to all, becomes walled up by a huge wall with barbed wire and guard dogs to make sure we don’t lose that which everyone is out to take.

Understand that it is the exact opposite. We are given all abundance within ourselves in all ways and then it is the ego and life that seeks to turn it into some sort of treasure that must be guarded for fear of loss.

Way 2: Know You Are Worthy

This is probably the biggest way the ego uses to keep its all-consuming control over you.

You are not worthy, the ego will tell you. You have to claw your way to the top and you have to earn respect and when you are so very abundant, people will respect you for what you have become, for the hard work you have put into getting where you are.

But what happens if your ‘hard work’ doesn’t pay off and who is the arbiter of the level of success that is to determine this abundance that has been achieved?

It all comes down to your feeling of worth.

Think about it. So often we see this very worth factor in relationships. It seems that it is our own worthiness factor that determines if we are successful within the relationship. I have often heard clients tell me that they are not worthy of a certain relationship for this or that reason. That worthiness, then, can be traced to other facets of their life. Many times when some one desires that a parent feel proud of them, it is that they are feeling an unworthiness that must me validated by someone they look up to.

When i watch reality shows, often times a contestant will say that they are seeking some one to be proud of them and that is why they are doing it to an extent.

To be validated, to be worthy, to be abundant…they all go hand-in-hand. Know you are already worthy as you are here to fulfill a purpose in life. You are already abundant, and even if your bank account doesn’t reflect a level that you may desire at this moment, know that it is not reflective of your overall abundance, for you have already been given abundance.

Way 3: Release Yourself to Your Natural Abundance

This is one of the hardest aspects that must be understood about abundance. Since the ego and society tells us that it is a struggle to achieve, that for some reason abundance is like a big pie and that you must do what you must to get you slice before it is all gone.

Releasing into abundance, then, is not natural because the ego will tell us that ‘if we snooze, we lose,’ right? We have to get it before someone else takes it from us.

From a financial standpoint, it can be said as Sophie Tucker, a famous actress at the beginning of the 20th Century, said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, honey, rich is better.”

Yes, we all have a desire to be “rich” but, again, many times it is a societal pressure to have or to accumulate a certain magical number that means we have arrived at the doorstep of abundance, but really, it is the freedom we are seeking that is the very nature of financial abundance.

Abundance, then, really becomes a state of mind and a sense of worthiness and at the core of it all, is a release into that state of mind that is all abundance. When we release ourselves into that thought of a natural state of abundance, then you will find that the abundance we so often have clawed for becomes a natural state of being.

But you must release, let go and flow. For therein lies the heart of living in the natural abundance that is yours for the asking.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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dasouthern@directyourpower.comDA Southern is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and a Personal Development Life Coach, teaching the spirit of living in Now Moments with the principles he experienced during over 35 years as an actor and director in live theatre. DA coaches his clients to rid life of limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving miracles in all areas of their life by embracing Mindfulness of the Present Moment with a renewed Vision for life. Contact DA Southern for Coaching or Speaking @ dasouthern@directyourpower.com


Define Yourself: 3 Ways to Maintain Clarity of Focus

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There are a sea of floating definitions of ourselves at any given moment just waiting to become your primary focus.  They are individual traits and characteristics, and yes, even some insecurities thrown in for good measure, floating on little rafts just shouting at you to ‘pick me, pick me’.

And we do for whatever moment seems to apply, we reach to the raft that seems to be making the most noise at any given moment.

You see, there is a definition of yourself that is the one that all other definitions should revolves around. However in our disposable society where we get cell phones as often as we change underwear, it seems as if the very definition comes and goes like the tide as well.

Where this presents conflict within your soul is in the very definition of who you are is being compromised and so the ego uses this as a way to become the soul arbiter of all that surrounds you.

Often times it is just not pretty.

To become so enamored with who you are by the terms others set for you, be it at work or in your personal life, is to surrender the better part of yourself in the process.

We Are To Play The Role We Define Ourselves As

When i was doing a fair amount of directing, there was a sign that i had on the door leading into rehearsals that simply stated, “What ever you have done today, leave it on this side of the door, for when you walk through this door, you are defined by the role you are playing.”

What i was telling the actors was that they were to leave the trouble of the day behind them as this was their clarity of focus for the next several hours.

Such can be said for life in general. We are defined by the role we are playing and that role should then become the sun of our universe that has the subsidiary hats that we adopt at any given moment as our planetary system. Essentially, our definition of who we are gives warmth and energy to the other traits that we may be at any given moment.

3 Ways To Define Yourself With Clarity of Focus


Way 1: The Center of You is What Gives Warmth to Your Soul

This can not be stated enough. You must define your true core and then live it in such a way so as to impact all other definition who desire to be you. To find this simply look at what it is that brings you the most joy in your life. I am not talking of the external, because most would say their family and friends.

No, what i am talking about is the truth of who you are. If you are having trouble, start by looking at the qualities that your family and friends bring to you and the joy aspect that are the relationships. There is a joy-factor that must be ferreted out to determine your core. Focus on that and really examine the feelings they they bring to you and you can then begin to piece together a soulful journey to your core.

Way 2: Do Not Allow the Voices of Other Definitions to Define You

This is one of the hardest aspect of your journey as others and the ego seeks to remake you in their own image. The sad part is that we often allow them so that we can simply ‘get along’ and ‘not make waves’.

This is a tragic way to live as, many times, we start to believe ‘own press’ as the old expression goes. We fall into the trap of the loudest voice of the definition of ourselves and we become jaded and out of step with who we are internally.

This is where the internal conflict then begins as we struggle to combine realities but never successfully doing so. Find your sun and allow it to become the guiding influence.

Way 3: Understand That the Further You Go From Your Core Concept, the Weaker You Become.

Often times when i am coaching a client, they seem as if they almost become a victim to the various definitions in that it becomes easy to blame the definitions as they are not really them. Being a victim is, then, very, very easy always giving you a way to say like the old expression from comic Flip Wilson, ‘The devil made me do it.’

It is just easier to have a scapegoat when you haven’t given your focus on what the defining aspect of who you are is and it is not front and center in your life.

Sometimes it is just easier to succumb to the pressure because it is the way you have always done it.

But it is as i have often described anyone of creative intellect; Your creative self is like a blade of grass covered with cement. No matter what the talent, no matter how much life and the people in your life cover up that blade of grass (your creative self, your core) with cement, at some point in time, it must poke through. It must find the sun, the energy that sustains it. It must.

In the end, life and who you are at your core will become your truth. Maybe it will finally arrive later in life, but no matter when it arrives, allow the growth to flourish.

For in the end, the only you that must exist is the you that is meant to reach a greater plane of existence.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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directyourownlife@gmail.comDA Southern is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and a Personal Development Life Coach, teaching the spirit of living in Now Moments with the principles he experienced during over 35 years as an actor and director in live theatre. DA coaches his clients to rid life of limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving miracles in all areas of their life by embracing Mindfulness of the Present Moment with a renewed Vision for life. Contact DA Southern for Coaching or Speaking directyourownlife@gmail.com

3 Questions to Ask About The Quality of Your Commitments

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There was an advertising slogan from years ago from Zenith who made electronics that stated in its tag line, “The Quality goes in before the Name goes on.”

Of course the imagery followed that Zenith cared about the product as a company and that they did their best to ensure that very essence as a company. However, the quality in such a thing as building electronics, or in any company that attempts to serve the human good, is only as good as the quality of the employees that make up your organization.

This is why, often times, when a company gets so big and bloated, such as IBM had gotten at the beginning of the computer revolution that encapsulated the 80’s, companies such as Apple and Microsoft were able to come in and grab the interest with high quality and a pure, unsaturated message of not only quality, but of a commitment to that quality.

In a previous post, it was asked of you to look at the very nature of the words that make up commitment. To define, for yourself, the nature of the idea of commitment for yourself and how you see your world as a result of that assessment.

We now look at the essence of the real meaning of commitment; the quality that makes and defines your commitment.

You see, the very word quality in our current corporate climate, seems to be more of a phrase lacking a heart. The very essence of quality now seems to be given to those niche companies that excel at customer service and a real dedication to a corporate environment that fosters that creative intellect that is necessary to maintain a quality experience.

In your own live, then, it becomes a serve for that niche-quality factor, as i like to call it, that sets you apart from others as a creative and dynamic human being.

3 Questions to Ask About the Quality of the Commitments in Your Life

It really comes down to the questions you ask about your commitments and what is the driving force behind those commitments that instill a sense of quality to your life.

Question 1: Do Your Commitments Define you or You Your Commitments

At the very heart of all commitments is the real question as to what you bring to the commitment. Do you notice if the commitments that you are involved in have a sense of purpose to them? Yes, there are projects that you may be involved in that seem more of a ‘got to do’ but, there is still something that inspires you on some level from a broader perspective that drives you to some form of quality within that commitment, right?

There is a piece of you contained within the commitment. So you see the reason you must ask the question of the commitment to begin with; Does it define you or you, it?

Question 2: Could You Define Personally, the Commitments that You are Involved in?

As in anything we do, believe it or not, we bring a set of values to that which we are involved in,or at least we should. At the heart of this is the very reason why people lack a sense of quality in that which they are involved, they don’t believe or even know who they are at their core.

We have all heard or read accounts of people who had, what seemed as, jobs that others might see as trivial, but they did it with such a beautiful sense of purpose and with a sense of knowing who they were in the Universal way of life, that the ‘so-called’ menial job became their platform for embracing humanity.

They, then, defined the commitment because they had defined themselves.

Question 3: Does the Quality of Your Life Reflect Your Commitments?

You know the old story that is in the parents handbook that they fall back to when you were a kid.

They say, ‘If little Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?’

It is a question that parents ask you when they want you to not associate with someone they don’t desire for you. But seldom does that statement really work in that the absurdity of it is always laughable.

But that’s the point.

Most would not jump off a bridge anyway, nor would little Johnny. But the parental handbook usually only gives the pithy sayings without regard for the larger principles that were to be defined. So we are often left with fragments of sayings crawling around our heads of mush as we grow into adulthood, whenever that happens.

But the larger principle is that we are to live a life of quality in every aspect of who we are.

Now, quality is, again, a subjective definition in that we all have different standards, different core values, when it comes to quality. But, in the larger sense, we seem to know intrinsically a quality product and a quality individual. Somehow it is just a sense of who we are from a soul level that gives us this insight.

In a sense, then, we are not only the company we keep, but the commitments we keep as well.

Become the quality that is a joyful life as that is our existence and ask the questions that lead you there.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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Commitment: 3 Ways to Live the Idea


Commitment is one of those words that, for whatever the reason, has become nothing more than fodder for the advancement of the ego. Granted, the very word conjures up a prideful look at the core of who we are in everything we do.

Marketers us it to instill a sense of excellence in our minds;

The commitment to detail

We are committed to a relationship

We are committed to success

We are committed to making something work

We are committed to our families

The list goes on and on, does it not? How could we possibly derive any sense of egoic nature here. How could the ego possibly be involved with something so noble, so filled with hopefulness?

Indeed, how could it?

Well, we should look at first the actual meaning and, then, get to the heart of the matter, Commitment as an idea.

The dictionary says of commitment that it is The Act of Committing or the State of Being Committed and it is Dedication; Application. The synonyms for committed are; charge, committal, devoir (chore or task), duty, engagement, guarantee, liability, must, need, ought, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow, and word. Some of the Antonyms are; broken promise, denial, and refusal.

Looking over the list, it is extremely easy how the ego turns the very word into ways to get you away from living in the Present Moment and keeps your feet in the past and on a future-only vision that is filled with hope and achievement.

Now at the core, that doesn’t sound wrong but admirable, right?

But let’s look at it this way. We are creatures of joy and the reason we are here is to experience joy and expansion as human creations. We do things that brings us joy and if there is an obligation attached to something, the joy of doing so is diminished. Especially look at the antonyms in the list above and you can see where the ego would come in through the back door to plant a foothold on you. No one wants to break a promise, right?

At the heart of the matter here is the idea that commitment brings. It is, as stated in the definition, a “State of Being” and that is what is missed by many when trying to internalize the word commitment. Commitment, at its core, is that place that you are really comfortable with who you are in whatever it is you do. There is no hierarchy of emotions that are attached to any given even in your life for you are grounded with a sense of purpose for the perfection of Now. You are committed to this Present Moment and are excellent Now.

Lets look at ways to become the very idea of commitment.

3 Ways to Live the Idea of Commitment

Way 1: Understand that at the Heart of Commitment is only What Your Bring to it

You must move away from the concept of the long list of attributes that the ego ties you up in with the very word of commitment and begin to see yourself as a person of quality in this Now Moment alone. No matter how many ‘broken promises’ the ego tries to ties you to, it matters not. You are here and you are a being of excellence. There is only one place any commitment happens and that is Now.

Way 2: Understand that Others Cannot Insist on a Commitment Level from You

This is a trick one in that you are committed to your family, your pursuits, your friends, but here is the key here; YOU are the one committed. When someone decides for you, and you even allow it, you give away your power and the ego either strikes out in different ways or is engaged in the pursuit if getting your power back in the form of over-achieving or whatever else is needed by the ego to advance you. Essentially. you are taken away from being excellent for yourself in this Now Moment and are taken on a journey that is someones journey for you.

Way 3: Understand That There is No Obligation in Commitment

Anything you do for others, you do for yourself. That is why the concept of giving is so very important and that even if you have little to give in a monetary sense, the giving can be time and talents, if nothing else. The point here is that it is never a condition of the head, but always of the heart.

Commitment is an idea of excellence and when the ego subverts it in ways of an obligation, you become entangled in the journey of others and no longer a creature of excellence of though, word and deed in this Present Moment.

Let the past go and any ideas of commitments that may have fallen short. It no longer matters and if someone holds something over your head, that is no longer your business, but it is there journey alone. It is no longer any of your business what others think of you. The only commitment anyone truly has is ti themselves and the ideas of excellence they bring to each Present Moment.

Be that person. Direct Your Power.

Until next time…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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The Action of Reaction; 3 Ways to Get a Grip

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In the height of any political season reactions are heightened in the media, between people and between ideologies. Now, the premise here is not to choose a side, a ’right’ or ‘wrong’, for most, i have found have an outlook based on upbringing or transformational actions that have happened in their lives.

But the bigger point here is that it seems that reactions to the common everyday nuances of life are heightened. It seems that we become more reactive to every passing news account or video that we see.

Face it, it is reactions that spark debate. It is reactions that are at the core of every reality show. It is reactions that hit you square in the face as you progress through the Now Moments of your day that cause you to react in ways that are not Present Moment peace.

Rita Mae Brown said it beautifully when she said, “A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction.”

You see, when we become strictly reactive beings, we lose the argument before it even begins. Many times in relationships, it is the reactions that partners seem to desire most. It seems that it is the reactions that seem to mean that they care for one another, but really it is more manipulation than anything else. When a partner attempts to ‘hit your hot buttons’ it comes from an egoic center to gain control and never from a place of love.

Wayne Dyer said, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Meaning that we are responsible for what we do alone. It is how you choose to react, but the bigger truth is the actions of self that are your truth.

3 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Reactive State

“Do attempt to control the horizontal, do not control the vertical, we are in control,” so says the man from the beginning of every Twilight Zone episode from the past, so must you be to your reactive state. It is all a matter of you coming from a place of the Present Moment.

Way 1: Lag Time

Think about reactions. They are so, well, reactive, are they not? They come pouring out seemingly from your very soul before you know it, it seems. But to get a grip,you need to think of lag time.

I view reactions like i view having to give an account to someone for no apparent reason; totally unnecessary.

What do i mean? Well, when someone ask you do to something or go somewhere with them, and you care not to do so, do you give an excuse as to why you can’t, true or not? most have, but here is the beauty of being an adult, you don’t have to. In fact, haven’t you looked at a soul whose ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ alone were enough? It is almost as if you admired their courage just to say no or yes and be done with it. No excuses, no explanations.

That is essentially, Lag Time.the ability to think first and then say no or yes and be done with it. Lag Time is the actual thinking of what was said, and thoughtfully putting words to any thoughts that you then proclaim. A rule of thumb is a seven count, but if you are truly thinking, you need not actually count it. But tale the time anyway.

Way 2: Don’t Allow Guilt or Manipulation to Enter

This is a danger zone for sure, especially if you have not immediately been made to answer as the person, or situation, has demanded from you. I hear this a lot, that some ‘situation’ makes you respond, but unless you are in danger in that moment, most situations have no feeling how you should react or if you should at all. Most ‘situations’ are people-produced and usually ego based.

The key here is to be aware of guilt and manipulation and the effects that it has had on you. Becoming aware is the first step to not allowing guilt in to begin with.

Way 3: Don’t Look Back

This ties into both Way 1 & 2, in that the ego will question us and make us begin to doubt our lack of reactions.

“You have always reacted this way before, why not now?” the ego will say, but here is where the confidence of being a person of action, not reaction, comes in. Make no excuses for who you are and give no explanations, if one is not needed, for you are in control of this Now Moment. You are to Direct Your Power and be the person who others will look to as courageous for your non-reactive state.

Allow the Present Moment to be your place where you are a person of action, not a reactive sort that has no confidence in who they are.

Direct Your Own Life here for only you can.

Until next time…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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