Madness Has Descended Upon Us – 1 Way Only – Cut it Out!

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In a previous post i wrote of being M.A.D., Manifesting an Abundant Destiny.

Unfortunately, it did not seem to be understood as there is a wave of madness that seems to be sweeping across the globe.

People are so damn angry for all of the externals that seem to be plaguing them. Yesterday, there was even a Twitter hashtag for what makes people mad in general.

What is happening here?

Has the whole world descended into a cycle of madness? I am of the mindset to believe so.

You see, you cannot Manifest an Abundant Destiny if you are angry at life for all of the mistreatment it is seemingly giving you. My father once said to me that “Life does not owe you a living” but it seems that we are of the mindset that it indeed does.

We have raised a culture that seems to think that they are entitled to everything, whenever they damn well feel they want it. Every one desires instant fixes to this and that and instant riches, as was the recent infatuation with the mega lottery as of late.

Many seem to rail against the rich, but it damn well looks as if many desire to be there among them.

Do you know why that is? it is our Universal nature to be expansive and abundant creatures. While many equate that with money, it really goes to the heart of all abundance. it is a condition of the heart that manifest itself on the outside of our life journey.

There is Only One Way

I typically give 3 ways to look at a situation within that makes you think a different way, but i am inclined to break my pattern here as it really comes down to one way alone.

Way 1: The Only Way – Choose Differently and Cut it Out!

Just stop being so damn mad and angry about everything. Stop being railroaded by the media, by friends, by family, by social media, etc, that takes you into the depths of lower consciousness thinking.

You see, anger and being mad calibrates at such a lower level of existence on the consciousness scale that that it is actually a step back from a societal evolution standpoint.

If we continue to buy into the thinking that we are to always comment and add our opinion  to fuel the anger of those involved, then we are simply buying into the thinking that we have some importance.

It is the case of the ego running amuck in society

There is only one way to change it all. Everyone needs to step back, make a decision that they are to add value to the world and CHOOSE to live differently.

Be the agent of change that speaks not to a situation, but to the hearts of those who are within in it. We are all one and when you treat your brother or sister in the journey with a hatred in any way by choosing anger and being generally mad about everything, you are doing so essentially to yourself.

There is only one way.

Choose to be different. From there, all manifesting can then then occur. make a decision to not be so damn angry and mad about everything for the world can truly change one soul at a time.

Be the one that simply talks with a heart of love.

Live free of the emotions that are sought to steer you in a different direction than is your abundant nature. We are free to choose. Choose an Abundant Life through peace, love and joy. From there, all living truly begins.


Are You M.A.D.? 3 Ways You Should Always Be


Living in a perpetual state of being mad seems to be the place of many souls on this journey and it seems odd for me to encourage such a state.

Being mad can mean many states, did you know that? The actual definition of the word here can mean anything from being insane to actually being crazy about something; very excited, if you will.

In these days, it seems that many are perpetually looking for a reason to be upset and mad about life, about the country in which they live, about their condition, about their relationships… and the list goes on.

The ego plays a large part in that, as it is nothing but a protected of you, or so it tells you. It is always looking for a reason to be pissed about something, but to truly live an excellent life, madness must become different.

Let’s Always Be M.A.D.

Admittedly, i have been playing with you here. Yes, being mad is a state of mind and that state should actually be encouraged in another way. You see, being M.A.D. as the way i define it, is to always be Manifesting (an) Abundant Destiny.

It is not only your mission to be M.A.D. but it is as the Universe has so designed us to be. To constantly be manifesting an abundant destiny is to truly live the life that we are all capable of doing, but so few have decided they can not have for whatever reason.

3 Ways to Begin to be M.A.D.


Way 1: Decide First that Abundance is a State of Mind

You see, it begins in the mind that we are abundant creatures deserving of an abundant existence. Life is too short to think you don’t deserve the best state of mind that is your continued existence. The first prerequisite to Manifesting an Abundant Destiny is to always understand that it is within you as you must know that you are always abundant.

Don’t get caught in the egoic trap of your surroundings dictating to you your mindset. Just because your immediate surroundings may not have the toys of the world that are supposed to indicate an abundant state, believe me they are only an extension thereof.

Recently, there was a big lottery that millions desired to win. I literally mean, millions, as many who usually decided against playing the lottery, now decided to get in on the action.

Now for a country that is supposedly against the “rich”, as the media has droned on about, and the way being rich is used as a political football as class-warfare is the tool of the day, it seems a lot desire to be there, doesn’t it?

But don’t be deluded in thinking that money is abundance. It all begins within. Why do you think people like Donald trump who was millions in debt in the 90’s, turned it around to become the billionaire he is now?

It is about a mindset first, always.

Way 2: Know that You Are Not Your Present Conditions

As was said, it is easy to get in a trap that says your current situation or surroundings are your abundance. In Manifesting an Abundant Destiny, you are to be all about living in the knowledge that life is as magnificent as you decide to make it.

One of the richest persons in modern times was certainly Mother Theresa. She gave with such an abundant mindset, that it affected everyone she ever met. People were drawn to her because of the Manifesting Abundant Destiny she lived in the service to the poor in Calcutta and everywhere she went.

Her abundance was her service but she did so with a heart that was only abundance.

You, too, are of the same star stuff as Mother Theresa and are abundant beyond your nature. Live it for that is the Universal Way.

Way 3: Go Beyond Yourself to See Your Abundance Become Manifest

The best way to always be Manifesting an Abundant Destiny is to live with others in mind. If you are constantly giving yourself away and looking for opportunities to become the face of abundance, then you will become it in ways you may never fully comprehend.

Look for ways to live your abundance. Pay for the food of the driver behind you in the drive-thru. Be of service. Love the skin you are in by loving the skin of others even more.

We are all the same no matter what the color of skin or the nationalities that separate us. The Universe makes no mistakes and we are all here to be always Manifesting an Abundant Destiny.

It is the mission to share of ourselves in the process.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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dasouthern@directyourpower.comDA Southern is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and a Personal Development Life Coach, teaching the spirit of living in Now Moments with the principles he experienced during over 35 years as an actor and director in live theatre. DA coaches his clients to rid life of limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving miracles in all areas of their life by embracing Mindfulness of the Present Moment with a renewed Vision for life. Contact DA Southern for Coaching or Speaking @

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