Madness Has Descended Upon Us – 1 Way Only – Cut it Out!

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In a previous post i wrote of being M.A.D., Manifesting an Abundant Destiny.

Unfortunately, it did not seem to be understood as there is a wave of madness that seems to be sweeping across the globe.

People are so damn angry for all of the externals that seem to be plaguing them. Yesterday, there was even a Twitter hashtag for what makes people mad in general.

What is happening here?

Has the whole world descended into a cycle of madness? I am of the mindset to believe so.

You see, you cannot Manifest an Abundant Destiny if you are angry at life for all of the mistreatment it is seemingly giving you. My father once said to me that “Life does not owe you a living” but it seems that we are of the mindset that it indeed does.

We have raised a culture that seems to think that they are entitled to everything, whenever they damn well feel they want it. Every one desires instant fixes to this and that and instant riches, as was the recent infatuation with the mega lottery as of late.

Many seem to rail against the rich, but it damn well looks as if many desire to be there among them.

Do you know why that is? it is our Universal nature to be expansive and abundant creatures. While many equate that with money, it really goes to the heart of all abundance. it is a condition of the heart that manifest itself on the outside of our life journey.

There is Only One Way

I typically give 3 ways to look at a situation within that makes you think a different way, but i am inclined to break my pattern here as it really comes down to one way alone.

Way 1: The Only Way – Choose Differently and Cut it Out!

Just stop being so damn mad and angry about everything. Stop being railroaded by the media, by friends, by family, by social media, etc, that takes you into the depths of lower consciousness thinking.

You see, anger and being mad calibrates at such a lower level of existence on the consciousness scale that that it is actually a step back from a societal evolution standpoint.

If we continue to buy into the thinking that we are to always comment and add our opinion  to fuel the anger of those involved, then we are simply buying into the thinking that we have some importance.

It is the case of the ego running amuck in society

There is only one way to change it all. Everyone needs to step back, make a decision that they are to add value to the world and CHOOSE to live differently.

Be the agent of change that speaks not to a situation, but to the hearts of those who are within in it. We are all one and when you treat your brother or sister in the journey with a hatred in any way by choosing anger and being generally mad about everything, you are doing so essentially to yourself.

There is only one way.

Choose to be different. From there, all manifesting can then then occur. make a decision to not be so damn angry and mad about everything for the world can truly change one soul at a time.

Be the one that simply talks with a heart of love.

Live free of the emotions that are sought to steer you in a different direction than is your abundant nature. We are free to choose. Choose an Abundant Life through peace, love and joy. From there, all living truly begins.


The Kindness in Abundance – 3 Ways To Live In The Kindness of Abundance

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Abundance has its own cadence that seems to echo within the far reaches of the soul. Within this rhythm of life, there is a kindness that must be exhibited in all ways that stems from the very heart of the abundance within or it is as shallow as life itself then becomes.

Most don’t seem to make the connection to kindness and abundance as they seem to believe that one becomes kind because of the abundance. This, too, is somewhat of a fake mission of the soul as the ego goes about its work in your general unworthiness as you struggle with any abundance that you may receive.

For example, you see this in many an actor who struggles for years doing odd jobs as they try to put together a career as an actor. When they become an “overnight success”, or so it would seem, their new financial abundance comes with a price of guilt and a general feeling of unworthiness. Having struggled for so long, they then many times become involved with causes and concerns that seemingly come from left field as well as their display of a lavish lifestyle.

While i fault no one for achieving as is the human condition to expand, create and flourish, it is when the ego takes over where kindness should have already been in place, that it then becomes problematic.

Kindness is something that is so deep and beautiful within you that you cannot help but to lift all around you within the very abundance that you are; financially and in every other way. Kindness is a condition of the heart and an extension of the soul that transcends the abundance.

3 Ways to Live Within the Kindness of Abundance

Abundance, then, becomes simply another way to empower humankind magnetized by the kindness that gives it its beauty.

Way 1: Understand That Kindness Transcends Abundance

Abundance is always a heart condition before it is ever manifest in the physical world. Abundance is neither a station in life or something that is out there to obtain, even though society and your ego seek to tell you differently.

The very definition of kindness is compassion and generosity and without those traits exhibited, abundance becomes nothing more that a life expression such as hording. Abundance, then, is parceled out from you like some sort of rare concert ticket to all around you.

Unfortunately, you then become nothing more than the substance of your abundance lacking kindness, lacking integrity and lacking heart.

Way 2: Be Willing to Lose Yourself in the Grace of Kindness

Kindness cannot be taught or learned, really, but must be experienced in the depths of soul that could never be explained.

Yes, parents and authority figures seek to establish a taste of kindness within you by instilling in you the traits of kindness, but without a genuine experience that contains the essence of what kindness produces within you, it is like shaving cream on a balloon; when it pops, the shaving cream goes everywhere leaving only traces of what was.

Usually, this grace is an overwhelming experience that washes over you and shows you a newness of life and then becomes the core of who you are. More often than not, people can point to that exact moment in life when the grace of kindness became their reality and then became a guide that fueled their Now Moments of Kindness.

But you must lose yourself in this grace. No one can teach you this but only show you the way, but the secret is in the losing, for it is in the losing that you gain.

Way 3: You Must Be Willing to Make a Shift in Kindness

In this world, we honor when souls go out of their way to be kind. It is held up as a true testament to the soul of the person that exhibited the kindness, but it is available to all. Abundance does not produce kindness, but the other way around.

If you truly lose yourself in the kindness that is soul based, then the world becomes a sweeter existence in your living of your Present Moments. Kindness then becomes not a mere doing of things, but of living in the ways of graciousness and goodwill with an eye on humanity.

Kindness, then, becomes the way the world has now been transformed into because you have become the kindness that the world needs.

Abundance now becomes second nature to you because you have allowed the powering source of kindness into your existence. You have made the shift.

Kindness is always a true reflection of the soul that becomes it and when you allow kindness to manifest the ways of your life, then abundance will naturally follow in ways you could have never imagined. Just be willing to allow it to flow and grow in each Now Moment for only there will you truly live.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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dasouthern@directyourpower.comDA Southern is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and a Personal Development Life Coach, teaching the spirit of living in Now Moments with the principles he experienced during over 35 years as an actor and director in live theatre. DA coaches his clients to rid life of limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving miracles in all areas of their life by embracing Mindfulness of the Present Moment with a renewed Vision for life. Contact DA Southern for Coaching or Speaking @

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