Some days i feel so uninspired, until i don’t! Does that make sense?

Let me give it to you another way.

The very act of being inspired to take any action is not so much a compulsion in which to do something, but a desire to be a person of action that comes from a place of grace within. The very act of being a person that comes from a place of power within means that there has been a release to a power greater than myself.

Then inaction becomes the opposite of grace. Desperation is really the key of inaction and when you are desperately “trying” to do something, you are actually paralyzed with the inaction that you presently feel within that situation.

It is as if inaction begets a force to become action that most often is rooted in desperation.

I know that feeling all too well as a writer who is constantly carving out creative blocks to create my masterpiece. When i get that desperate feeling to create, i start feeling stress and tension in my body. My mind begins to scramble for options and solutions to the situation and I feel fear and struggle and confusion often increases as to the way in which to create.

The Ego Seeks to Dominate You

So, then i become inactive and, if i am not fully aware, that state could lead into doubt and worry. But as a Now Moment thinker, i am way ahead of the ego’s attempt to label me as a failure or a slacker, or lazy or whatever else the ego has up its sleeve to maintain its control.

To be quite honest, the ego is essentially the process of edging God out (ego) of your consciousness so as to make you reliant on it instead of being connected to the Universal Source that knows the perfection that is right for you.

3 Ways To Be Inspired

To know the difference between inspired action and that of desperation is to know when you are in that state of mind immediately.

Way 1: Understand Desperation Within You and the Conditions That Cause It

Understand that desperation is rooted in fear and is driven by the mind/ego in an effort to create a desired change. Desperation, then, is the ego’s attempt to control, manage, or avoid something that is perceived as bad and is anticipated to be an experience of suffering.

Action, then, taken in desperation, creates resistance and results in suffering and, usually, is a feeling or set of emotions that the ego then uses to define you.

Being self-aware means that you are aware when the conditions arise that bring you to this point and you are now able to begin the process of turning your focus.

Way 2: Become Aware of the Now Moment Alone

When this desperation feeling starts to become your existence, become acutely aware of the Now Moment alone. Focus on being ever present and understand the very nature of Inspired Action.

You see, Inspired Action solely comes from within and you will know it by the way that it creates an awakening within you. You will feel intuitive nudges, subtle repetitive thoughts, sensations and a deep sense of knowing and trust in the Universal Stream. Things that feel Divinely guided come as a sense of peace in your heart, even if the action is uncomfortable.

Way 3: Release, Let Go and Flow

Now that you are operating from that place of awareness, you must stop and release your resistance to the inaction and come from a place of Inspired Action. You must then Let Go of the emotions that the ego is trying to pin on you and simply not allow to be defined by them.

From here, you begin the process of flowing into a new way of living life and that is from a place of confidence and trust in being inspired from a Universal Design for your life. It is from here that the heart of Inspired Action begins to be released within.

Let life happen naturally and without struggle for this is where you find your truth.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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