Change, Change, Change… as the old song goes, right? But have you ever fully noticed how we get so upset at the slightest change within our lives? Even if our daily routine is changed but by a bit it somehow is supposed to now affect the entire day.

I was sitting in my local coffee shop one day and a service man came next to me with his tray that had his drink. In the course of setting his breakfast down, his drink was spilled and you had thought that we had just had an international incident occur.

Exasperated, he said to his buddy,”Well, i guess that will set the tone for the day. Great!”

Now, mind you, he spilled not a drop on himself. The restaurant crew was there to clean it and his drink was easily replaced. Nor did any of his other breakfast become saturated by the spilled drink.

Now, my inner coach had to leap to the defense of the rest of the day for this young man and i simply said, “It is only a spilled drink. it has nothing to do with any part of the day ahead. You are better than a drink slipping from your grasp. It has no reflection upon anything that will happen, ever.”

The young man smiled and said, “You are right. I am in the command of daily changes in the service. i guess a drink should not determine my day in any way.”

He got my point. Stuff happens and it is no reflection of any upcoming happening. It is what it is.

Why is it that we think everything should be as the ego says it should always be, that everything is predictable when we know that life is not that way.

Creatures of Habit

One of the reasons we are affected by stuff happening is that we are creatures of habit and we are emotional cauldrons always being stirred and sometimes the pot just overflows at the least bit of stirring.

3 Major Ways We Deal With Change


Way 1: Our Personality Filter

This is the way we are put together in many ways. It is what makes us tick, it is how we view the world. We have a dominant way that happens for us and it is a great way to understand ourselves.

Knowing this information can lead us into ways we can adapt our reactive ways in dealing with change, but really, at the core of all personality types is the ability to harness your inner peace so as to not become trapped by the way we are. In a sense, don’t become a victim to your personality type that you perceive yourself as having as it may become a crutch.

Way 2: Our Levels of Awareness

A spilled drink should not become an awareness of a day of one “bad” thing happening after another. Anything that impacts your level of awareness becomes a hindrance to your becoming a true Now Moment thinker.

It is amazing how the simplest of changes in the morning routine that our ego has decided is our reality can manifest in ways that make no sense within the time frame of our day. When you strive to reach a heightened state of consciousness then you are more able to live within the confines of each Now Moment. A spilled drink is simply a spilled drink within that moment alone and has no connection to some other event.

It is never the “spilled drinks” in our lives, but our reaction to them that truly matters.

Way 3: Our Conscious Awareness of the Change

This plays into Way 2 in that the more you are aware, the more you are able to no longer be the reactive, impetuous creature that is affected by an event that takes you away from your norm.

Remember that there is no normal, really, and if there is, why is there?

How do you generally react to change?

On the spectrum of actively seeking change to actively avoiding it, where do you fall?

How do you manage your feelings about change, especially if the change is not one you chose?

Your awareness that life is an ever-evolving place and that if we are not “change” on some level, then we are not really becoming better Universal creatures.

Yes, we like the routine, but we are not vested in it. Look for the opportunity to be change to a world that has become stuck in routine. For it is here that you become better, the world becomes better.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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