At the core of bringing yourself to the forefront and recognizing your unique abilities seems to be an egoic way to be number one in your world, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We are all given a unique focus to bring to the world. It is our gift to the world from the Universe. The challenge is that most don’t think themselves worthy of doing so or being uniquely inspired to be that gift.

Be it someone who has told you that you were not worthy or important or that what you had to offer was not significant to our modern society, whatever that means, it is up to you to push aside all of the useless words that others have decided or directed to you and become the greatness that the Universe desires of you. It is your obligation for if you are still here you have a purpose.

What the Duck is Going on Here?

I recently watched in amusement a new series on A&E called Duck Dynasty about a family that has become millionaires by making duck calling thingys.

Really, i am not kidding! It is quite a show and i am always fascinated by the achievement of those who most would dismiss by making a judgement based on preconceived notions of what success should look like. What comes through in this family that seems as if they are anything but millionaires, is that there is a love for who they are as individuals and a love for what they do and are here to do.

3 Ways to Recognize Your Uniqueness

It really is quite interesting and it proves my bigger point. We are all given a destiny and we are to live it with as much grace and style as the Universe demands, for it does indeed encourage us to do so. We are to allow our uniqueness to shine so that we are that expansion of life that creates a way for others to expand as well.

Way 1: Understand That You Are Not at the Behest of Others

We allow ourselves to be less than the Universe has given us to be due to the opinions and egos of others who often seem as if they have your best interest at heart. We allow our true selves to be buried under a slab of cement to appease and allow others who obviously “know more” to be “right”. But, like a blade of grass under the cement, we must reach for the sun and at some time when the cement starts to crack and give way, our true natures poke through and we experience the freedom of being our authentic selves.

You see it all the time and it is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of; The person that goes into the family business only to discover that they are that blade of grass. When they discover their truth, they are truly free.

Way 2: To Understand Your Destiny, Understand Yourself

This is the dwelling ground of the ego in so many ways. The ego would have you not to be authentic for it is in this place of truth that you don’t really need it to keep you grounded.

You see, maybe the best experience you could do is to allow yourself to fully explore the fullness of your truth. Really grasp the way you could change the world because you can if not but within yourself first. For you see, the world is a better place when you are in a better place within.

The possibilities open up and life unfolds in the most unexpected way when you do. Live the truth that is your uniqueness and the Universe will respond. It is a Universal law.

Way 3: Don’t Hide Your Uniqueness. Live it.

This is the fullness of life in a nutshell. If you have discovered your truth, your uniqueness, then it is your mission to live it to the fullness that the world will allow.

And it will!

The truth of who you are is in the very essence of the larger truth of the Universal Stream of Consciousness. It is the way of God in that we are here to fulfill our mission in such a way that it inspires others to be creative and expansive as well.

I recently saw a video of a police officer ordering at some fast food place moments before the officer was sadly killed in the line of duty. But what was interesting about the video was the conversation the officer was having with a young boy who approached him and struck up a conversation with him.

The video was really about the young boys takeaway from what the officer was saying to him about being an achiever in life. The officer was being a genuine person who happened to be wearing a uniform, not some police officer who was looking for some evil intent in others actions.

The young boy’s life was changed in a moment and maybe that officer, as tragic as was his death, lived the fullest extent of the Universal Way by putting the idea of expansion into the mind of a youngster whose life was forever changed.

Live your uniqueness and become the way that others are inspired to do so as well. Therein lies the beauty of a life well lived.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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