It seems as if zombies are all the rage these days. Well, i guess we are over the fascination with vampires and werewolves, but really, the zombie problem will never go away, will it?

Did you know that the US government actually has a zombie policy in place these days? Yes, indeedy, the CDC has a page up here and while they say it is tongue-in-cheek, the US government doesn’t really have a sense of humor, so i have got to believe that they are up to no good when it comes to zombies.

But the bigger problem, other than an actual zombie attack, is the way we go about our lives as if we too, are, zombies, just feeding ourselves in a generally mindless fashion without a thought on how we are to become the expansive and creative creatures the universe has planned for us.

Think about it; we get up, we go to work or whatever, we take our scheduled lunches and breaks. We then trudge through the night-time ritual with family and friends and plan for some, hopefully, extracurricular activity on the weekend.

Good golly, Miss Molly…Stop the insanity!

It is time to change things up here and quite living like you are a zombie just feeding on whatever sucker happens into your realm. Start looking at life as a beautiful creation with endless possibilities.

3 Ways to De-Zombify Your Life

Way 1: Look at What You Bring to the Table

Ok, not other humans to eat here, but, seriously, what is it that gets your motor running? What is it about you that you can use to make the world a better place to live for others. It is all about how we serve others and not the mindless pursuit of our own self interest constantly.

It is that God-given part of you that makes you special that needs to become the dominant force in your life. Whatever it is, do that one thing well.

Way 2: Stop Living in What You Think is Expected

Whatever you do, shake things up to a degree. It is very easy to get lost in patterns in your life but maybe it is time to become a bit unpredictable. Take a different way to work. Heck, take a day off and take someone you care about somewhere for a day completely in the spur of the moment. Life is too short to become so stagnated that you can’t seem to see past your daily routine.

Get involved in some situation that takes you out of your comfort zone. Volunteer somewhere. Help someone expecting nothing in return. Do something. Make your life a living testament to the specialness that is your destiny.

Way 3: Live in a Different Mindset that requires You to Stretch Your Preconceived Notions of Time and Space

This one will require that you see outside your reality a bit in that, you need to try to understand the Universal Way. Now, before you say, “This weird thinking is not for me.” That is exactly the point.

We live in a connected universe and it is time that you see it as such. Everything has a connection and it is time that you live as if you understood at some level, even if your ego is telling you differently, that we are all in this together. See all as creatures of love and you, as the giver of a new radiance that is love and respect for all.

Your mind can conceive of a tremendous new reality if you just allow it to be. Don’t get caught in patterns of sameness that cause you to not see the Universe as a place that is expansive and holds no limits on you.

Be bigger than you think is possible. You owe it to yourself.

Go and live for the Universe but awaits your involvement. Quit being a zombie.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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