Face it, we are overwhelmed with instantaneous news and content that blasts our senses with information at such a rapid pace, it is a wonder we get anything done at all. It is almost as though, in the world of smartphones, tablets and instant everything, clarity seems to mean overload.

It as if we are being told that unless we have the information we need RIGHT NOW, we can’t function in today’s modern society. Clarity, vision and personal improvement, it seems, hinge on the amount of information you have, not the simplicity of it all.

You Kids, Get Off My Lawn

Now, trust me, I am not a “You kids get of my lawn” kind of guy. I am a tech person thru-and-thru. I love gadgets and, quite frankly do all my pursuits online and with technology, so I understand the temptation to depend on your very thinking with the overload that is today’s world.

But as I sit and type this, I look out my window on what appears to be a beautiful, sunny day. But what the sun is masking in all of its information overload is that when I step outside to go on my daily bike ride, the sun didn’t tell me it was a bit chilly and that the shirt i was wearing wasn’t quite enough to keep me comfortable.

You see, the sun overloaded my senses with its brightness but failed to give me clarity. It was only until I garnered my own experience and perspective, did I see the usefulness of clarity. It was only when I set about on my personal improvement of my desire to keep an active regiment, in this case by riding my bike, did i understand that i needed to protect myself from the chill of the morning.

3 Ways to Maintain Clarity and Focus and Personal Improvement

It seems that many are hyper-focused on “getting it right”, whatever that means, and setting goals and plans with dreams of riches and success and for the “good life’, what ever that is defines for you.

Way 1: Decide What is Right For You

Just Like the sun overload as i set out to ride my bike, I allowed a perceived message of clarity to decide for me as to what was going to be comfortable for me to ride.

But really needed to happen here was that i needed to just put on my sunglasses and decide for myself what was what i needed to ride in comfort.

The same goes for you. Sometimes it means to you need to put on the shades and block out the rays of confusion that may be trying to give you false information that is right for you.

This is the only Now Moment you have and it is the time when clarity and focus  is not decided by the world telling you that this or that must be done or is right for you. Maybe some things can be put on the back burner. Maybe it s time to refocus.

You decide for you for that is the source of joy.

Way 2: Your Goals and Dreams are Opening Nights; The Clarity and Focus of Now is All That Matters

Remember that your goals are Opening Nights. They are out there only as a reminder that you want to be ready when the curtain finally opens, but the only time the curtain is going to matter is in this Now Moment.

You see, your Opening Night just doesn’t matter if the rehearsals were not filled with a clarity and focus that allowed for the excellence of getting your part in the production down.

Way 3: Your Clarity, Focus and Personal Improvement Lifts All Others Around You

The Now Moment is when you are clear and focused on your part only. It is the time to make sure you are comfortable in your own skin. When you seek to improve yourself and seek a clarity and focus about yourself, then you tend to see others as a chance to become better as well. You will find the best in others when you are doing so within first.

On stage the other actors in your play may surprise you in their acting from time to time, but you will never be thrown off as you know YOU so well that you can get them back on track, if needed. When you know the show so well that you have every ones part ingrained as well, you can help guide and actor back on track within the confines of the script.

Clarity, Focus and Personal Improvement are the three sides of the triangle that keep you grounded in this Now Moment, so, put on your sun glasses and decide for yourself that this is the moment that matters most.

Set Opening Night, but don’t live there. Forgive the rehearsal nights of the past that may have been “off” as we all have off nights where it seems as if we just don’t have a rhythm.

That’s the beauty of rehearsal, to become excellent in this Now Moment. Make clarity, focus and personal improvement your triangle that envelops your success and your Opening Nights will be filled with accolades.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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dasouthern@directyourpower.comDA Southern is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and a Personal Development Life Coach, teaching the spirit of living in Now Moments with the principles he experienced during over 35 years as an actor and director in live theatre. DA coaches his clients to rid life of limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving miracles in all areas of their life by embracing Mindfulness of the Present Moment with a renewed Vision for life. Contact DA Southern for Coaching or Speaking @ dasouthern@directyourpower.com