When most think of abundance, of course, the natural tendency is to think in monetary ways as it seems that financially, that is the way of the world.

Unfortunately, in the process of this limiting thinking, comes an actual lack of abundance. For it is when we limit ourselves in the fullness of an abundant life, we actually look for ways to not be abundant. You could say, it was our lack attitude, then, that is actually causing our disconnect from the abundant way.

Now, this is an area that most seem to acknowledge within their awareness, but, for whatever reason, seem to believe they are not worthy of.

Let me explain it in this way and for a moment, keep the monetary thinking clear form your thinking, even though the images are obviously of a monetary nature.

We all live in a mansion that is the way we have been designed to live. This mansion is not ostentatious, but, instead, impeccably kept and surrounded by beautiful acreage that is manicured and reflective of our true nature.

We are completely at home here, but we get bored or all of a sudden feel that we need some excitement of some kind. We then leave our mansion and venture out into the world to explore. In the process of the exploration, we attract ourselves to a rather unsavory element that seem to follow us back to the mansion at some point.

They invade our mansion as we have allowed them to do and attack us where we feel safe. We then no longer feel worthy of the mansion and then live in the expectation that only the unsavory element is all we are destined for.

Finally, we come to understand the significance of the mansion and what it represents and decide to take a stand against the gang that is surrounding us. When we finally stand up to them, it is the very nature of the standing up to them that makes them leave. We simply go out to meet them and, by doing so, we dissolve them and they leave.

3 Ways to Begin to Fully Live in Abundance

We accept our inheritance as creatures of abundance and we allow ourselves to become that which is already ours.

Do you see my point here?

Way 1: First Understand That You Are Naturally Abundant Creatures

Most operate from a place that they must crawl and scratch their way to the top of some magical hill called “Abundance”. That we are, at the core, worthless creatures that are fortunate, at best, to ‘luck into’ some sort of abundant life. That we get some sort of break and are able to get abundance.

The truth is that we are already living in this perpetual state as that is how we have been designed. That we have allowed various gangs of thugs to somehow give us an impression that we are not worthy of it is egoic in nature. The ego will always tell you that everyone is out to get you and that what ever you crawl and scratch for is yours to keep.

So abundance, then, become this trophy, of sorts. As soon as we think we get it, we then go about seeking how not to lose it.

The beautiful mansion, then, that is open to all, becomes walled up by a huge wall with barbed wire and guard dogs to make sure we don’t lose that which everyone is out to take.

Understand that it is the exact opposite. We are given all abundance within ourselves in all ways and then it is the ego and life that seeks to turn it into some sort of treasure that must be guarded for fear of loss.

Way 2: Know You Are Worthy

This is probably the biggest way the ego uses to keep its all-consuming control over you.

You are not worthy, the ego will tell you. You have to claw your way to the top and you have to earn respect and when you are so very abundant, people will respect you for what you have become, for the hard work you have put into getting where you are.

But what happens if your ‘hard work’ doesn’t pay off and who is the arbiter of the level of success that is to determine this abundance that has been achieved?

It all comes down to your feeling of worth.

Think about it. So often we see this very worth factor in relationships. It seems that it is our own worthiness factor that determines if we are successful within the relationship. I have often heard clients tell me that they are not worthy of a certain relationship for this or that reason. That worthiness, then, can be traced to other facets of their life. Many times when some one desires that a parent feel proud of them, it is that they are feeling an unworthiness that must me validated by someone they look up to.

When i watch reality shows, often times a contestant will say that they are seeking some one to be proud of them and that is why they are doing it to an extent.

To be validated, to be worthy, to be abundant…they all go hand-in-hand. Know you are already worthy as you are here to fulfill a purpose in life. You are already abundant, and even if your bank account doesn’t reflect a level that you may desire at this moment, know that it is not reflective of your overall abundance, for you have already been given abundance.

Way 3: Release Yourself to Your Natural Abundance

This is one of the hardest aspects that must be understood about abundance. Since the ego and society tells us that it is a struggle to achieve, that for some reason abundance is like a big pie and that you must do what you must to get you slice before it is all gone.

Releasing into abundance, then, is not natural because the ego will tell us that ‘if we snooze, we lose,’ right? We have to get it before someone else takes it from us.

From a financial standpoint, it can be said as Sophie Tucker, a famous actress at the beginning of the 20th Century, said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, honey, rich is better.”

Yes, we all have a desire to be “rich” but, again, many times it is a societal pressure to have or to accumulate a certain magical number that means we have arrived at the doorstep of abundance, but really, it is the freedom we are seeking that is the very nature of financial abundance.

Abundance, then, really becomes a state of mind and a sense of worthiness and at the core of it all, is a release into that state of mind that is all abundance. When we release ourselves into that thought of a natural state of abundance, then you will find that the abundance we so often have clawed for becomes a natural state of being.

But you must release, let go and flow. For therein lies the heart of living in the natural abundance that is yours for the asking.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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