Life is filled with one reaction after another. Everything seems to be stressful and the aspect of ‘flying off the handle’ or ‘having a knee-jerk reaction’ to something seems to be fairly acceptable these days. Well, if happens too often, we can always get a pill prescribed as seems to be the way in these stressful times..

But really there seems to be a heart condition that is far more spiritual, in nature, than is physical. Although, it has been proven that our stress of being reactive to every thing can, indeed, lead to physical ailments.

What, then, is at the heart of such a rapid decline of civility within ourselves that translates outward into our reality? Why do we find ways to be insulted and grouped together in our victimization?

Is it that we really desire that connection, even if it is through stress of living? Maybe technology has spread us out so far and wide that it is difficult to truly be connected as we are designed to be, one heart to another.

You know, where i sit and write often, there is a group of older, retired men that sit in the local coffee shop and, together, they solve the town’s, country’s and even the world’s challenges in a matter of minutes over a nice cup of coffee.

These men sit together and are seemingly unconnected, except through the coffee club that has connected them. Yet it seems as if there is a peaceful connection that they bring to the restaurant and to each other that cannot be spoken. It is a place of peace within them.

While it is fascinating to hear them as they solve the crisis of the world, there seems to be a far-reaching truth here; the connection that binds them is a connection of the heart and therein lies the truth to a stress-free existence.

Now, some would indeed argue that often relationships are the source of all stress, but i am of the mindset that the relationships that are truly bound together are seldom built on verbal discourse, but of a heart-to-heart connection that is at its source, the place where stress is seldom experienced.

3 Ways to Relieve the Stress of Life

Think about a relationship with a pet. Never words are spoken, but there is a connection that transcends words and lives within the spirit, does it not?Does it not relieve a stress within you?

Way 1: Understand Your Part in the Stream of Life

Now i am certainly not going to sit here and tell you to ‘buck up’ and not to experience life in the ways it is to be experienced, but i am here to lead you to a new reality of your part in the stream of life.

Nothing happens to you as life is not out to get you.

It s easy to get caught up in being a victim to circumstances, to people, to the challenges that seem to surround you on a daily basis.

But, quite frankly, its not them (not life), it’s you. Most have experienced those little words in terms of a relationship gone awry, but it is time for you to say it to life, “it’s not you, it’s me.”

You see, when you can back off and understand that you, and only you, are the responsible party when it comes to living life in the fullness that is our mission in which to do, life becomes a sweeter version of itself.

Life does not happen to you, you are the captain that steers the course. Yes, often times storms can seem to take us away from our course, but if we release the ego and take back the helm from being a victim, we can command the ship return to the designated course that has been designed for us.

You are still here and therefore your course is still as viable as ever.

Way 2: Find Your Happy Place

It has become quite a cliche that we have a ‘Happy Place’ that we go to in times to conflict, but understand that there is a place that many do retreat to that seems to manifest on the external, often times in ways that seem detrimental such as drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships, just to name a few.

However, these things are just an extension of the internal desire to find that place of bliss that is our inner core of peace. Really, then, it comes down to the questions we ask at this point.

What is the external seeking to manifest from within?
What is the stillness that must be found within that gives me peace on the outside?

Where is that place within me that is my calm?

There is a danger here to give another that power which you must resist. Understand that the person or place or thing that you associate with your happiness factor is an extension of something within.

Really sit and source it out for yourself, for at the heart of that understanding is the key to living stress-free.

Way 3: Release Yourself to the Moment of Now

Life happens now and at the source of most stress are the future events that are supposed to happen in some perfect completion or some past that did not happen as planned and is now infecting your Now Moment existence.

This existence of Now is your Happy Place as you are here, are you not? Anything that was supposed to cause you some type of dire consequences has not kept you from this Now Moment. There is nothing that the past supposedly was matters to this exact Now Moment. There is no future as of yet that can not be dealt with.

Ask, “What is the worse that can happen?” if you must, and find a place in this Now Moment to live free of it all, because whether you know it or not, you already are doing so.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Meditate silently in the conversations of those around you and just listen to the way they speak, the way they reflect as they speak. Notice the nuances of every little action and reaction for when you become ever-present in the Now Moments of life, there is little left for the stress of what should or might be or has been.

Live, now, free of the reactions of living and become the action of living free within yourself. For here alone, is the place of peace that transcends into a life of serenity.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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