Isn’t it funny how we drift through life sometimes seemingly thinking that we have it all under control? We go through our morning and daily routine thinking that we finally have a groove and, yet, there is an uneasiness about life that seems to permeate our very essence of life.

Joy seems to be something that happens in those fleeting moments when something external happens that we have planned to be as such. You could say that there is a heightened expectation of that joy, so, therefore, we must obtain it.

The Question Then Begs; Are You Living Your Truth?

Are the moments you are experiencing coming from a place of joy or are you manufacturing moments that seem to fill the emptiness but for a fleeting moment.

It is at the heart of all indulgences that there is a fundamental expectation of joy to be experienced, but the real expression is of a life that seeks to live in truth.

Joy and a joyful state, then, are simply the extension of your truth, whatever it is.

Let us be clear here; truth is not about what you do as much as who you are in what you do. You are the George Bailey of your “It’s A Wonderful Life” and it is for you to know that the world would have been a different place without you. But what is it about you that is your truth?

You are not just some physical being that is taking up space, are you? What is it that is the essence of who you are that allow for your truth to shine?

3 Ways to Know Your Truth

In “It’s A Wonderful Life”, George Bailey was not just a guy running a savings and loan, but a soul who inspired others to be better for themselves by his very care and concern for who they were. Of course, it goes much deeper than that and is why the movie is watched every Christmas Season as it inspires a truth of character that we all would like to identify with, no matter how hard-hearted the world has made you to this point.

Way 1: Understand Your Passions

The best way to understand your truth is to look at what inspires you; what are you passionate about? Whatever that is, there is a core truth there within the passion that shines a certain light on your truth. Look not at the passion or the inspiration, but what about it is as such to you? There within are fundamentals of your truth.

Way 2: What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

In the seeds of this question are the seeds of your truth in that when there are no restrictions that you put on yourself, there is a core truth that shines out like a beacon. You could call it your beacon of truth. Here in the depths of no limitations, most self-imposed, the core you emerges to become a truth, almost as if it could not be stopped from doing so.

Here is where most fall down in this question. They begin the process of asking, but then allow the ego to tell them to “be realistic” or to ‘live in reality’ as you have neither the time, money, or resources to be or do what you desire. So, why even bother playing this ridiculous game.

Sound familiar?

The secret here is to know that you are looking for your truth and from there you shall build it into a life of possibilities.

Way 3: Update Your Data Base

Like an anti-virus program that runs continually on your system that seeks to eliminate constant threats to your computer, you should update your personal anti-virus data base that runs to eliminate your negative past and the thinking that is keeping you from your truth.

You see, the past is used by so many as a reason to not allow the truth of who they are to be ever-present. For some reason, your truth was put down as something not valuable or realistic or whatever else the ego has used to keep you for being the expansive creature that we are all designed to be.

Something about your truth may have been used against you or made fun of, so you have buried it.

Update your anti-virus data base and eliminate the past negative emotions and actions, unless you need to hang on being a victim in some way. Let the data base update to clear you of those things from the past that seek to define your present.

You are not your past, but are only here as a testament to it. And your past is in no way your future. This is the moment. Update your Data Base and clear out the limitations that have kept you from your truth, for in the end, we are but given a truth that is our life journey.

Live it and allow the joy that it is to wash over you and cleanse you from the limitations that have kept you from your truth.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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