The buzzword of the current era seems to be organic; Organic growing stuff. Organic fashion. Organic architecture. The list goes on and on, like we all of a sudden discovered organic living.

It is as if we discovered this new awareness, and i can see in our tech-driven society how we need a feeling in our living environment that seems natural, hence the very expression of organic.

But it is not new at all, but essentially it is a state of mind, a way to see the world in terms of living with a sense of no-struggle. That is at the heart of organic anything; a sense that it comes naturally and looks at one with its environment.

This is at the heart of all of this organic gardening that has cropped up (pun intended) in the last decade.

But, wait, something seems familiar about organic growing of stuff and organics, itself.

It is the very nature of history before we implemented the struggle of trying to squeeze massive growth from a single acre of land and in our very living. It is before chemicals and pesticides became the end-all-to-beat all to maximize yield and all of that agricultural talk that cause most to have a deer-in-the-headlight look at the mere mention of such talk.

Now, i am not against prosperity at all, but it is struggle that i rail against in that it is not organic at all. Struggle in life and the way you become the expansive creatures that you are destined to be is what is anti-organic to me.

Here is where i lose many in the discussion in that for some odd reason, struggle has become acceptable as a way of showing that we are growing. The ‘no-pain-no-gain’ idea is that if we don’t struggle in some way, we are not growing to our full potential.

This is why, in our society, some banter about such terms as ‘struggling artist’ or whatever else someone is struggling at. Trust me, it is not the artist that is struggling, it is society that tries to define artist and put them in a box that somehow needs to be established for such types. Artist don’t ever struggle with their art, just with the means in which it must fulfill them.

Lose the Struggle: 3 Ways to Begin the Process

We have all been put on this beautiful floating rock in space and time for a purpose. There is no struggle here, but to allow your purpose to manifest and become the expansion that you are to be. Confucius said, “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.” Essentially, no struggle.

Way 1: Decide That You Are No Longer Vested in Struggle

As was said, organic living is a state of mind, so you must first decide that struggle is not part of your existence. Think about any form of struggle, is it every a healthy existence? You struggle if you try to swim against a current, right?

Such is life.

We are not creatures that are destined to struggle in that sense. It is a mindset that we have accepted for ourselves that must be lost within before it can be lived without.

Because struggle has become an expected norm, the ego will rail against you becoming a free creature as it has vested itself it that struggle. That is where the ego rests, within the struggle of life, for it knows that you need it to supply all the excuses and insecurities that go along with struggle.

Way 2: Find Your Own Way

This is the bridge to the way out of struggle that you have been squashing within you. This is the purpose that manifest in all areas of your life that you may be unaware of. Look at what you do and the various activities that hold your attention.

What are the common threads?

Begin to take back the organic way that life is supposed to be lived by reclaiming the truth of your purpose. There is only this Now Moment in which to do so.

Why is it that people seem to have to struggle until they ‘retire’ and then live their purpose? Why do we buy into that kind of thinking that the ego promises; always a better tomorrow but today is better left to the struggles of life?

Find your own way to live free of struggle and of the traps that are egoic in nature.

Way 3: Do Your Purpose With a Single Focus

What i have noticed about a sense of purpose that people discover for themselves; the ego seems to serve up a helping of guilt along side of it. It is as if you are not really supposed to ‘do that kind of thing now’ but stay grounded in some reality that the ego has provided for you.

Your purpose is designed to infuse your life like yeast does in baking. A small amount affects the entire loaf of bread. That is purpose. It manifest itself in everything you do because it is what you are. No matter what your purpose, do it with a focus on being the best within that purpose. Live you life around your purpose, not the other way around.

Purpose is that blade of grass covered over by cement; sooner or later the cement cracks and the grass must break free. The single, solitary blade of grass breaks through tons of cement.

You are no different.

Break free. Discover your purpose. Don’t allow struggle to be part of your mindset. The only organic way to live is free from struggle.

It is your journey. Live it free of struggle.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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