There is an old expression that says that Victory Loves Preparation, and to a degree, that is true.

But where this saying goes awry is the way folks go through extremes to plan their lives out to the minute details desiring to influence the process in such a way that if it doesn’t go according to plans, then all kinds of discourse then ensues. Life then becomes one disappointment after another in that it should be as the ego has decided for you and if it is not, then you are being slighted.

This gives you all kinds of excuses, then, to not live in a way that truly means that you are going in the way the river is flowing. You are living a way that comes naturally without a struggle against the current.

The Reality Is That The Future Doesn’t Yet Exist

This is where i lose many in the discussion because they look at people who are Present Moment thinkers as ‘Pie in the Sky’ types who are not grounded in reality; The reality of planning to the detail a future that does not exist except in the minds of those that desire it.

You see the disconnect here?

Of course we are expansive creatures always conceiving expansion for ourselves and for those around us, but there is the place that most succumb to the ego. While the ego is there for the betterment of self, it hardly desires expansion of others as it might somehow take away form it.

When you are ever-present in the Now Moment, you are aware of the possibilities for yourself and for those who surround you as you are aware that a rising tide lifts all boats. Life then becomes a beautiful ride on a river with others who are enjoying the ride with you.

So how do we make the leap from living in a detailed account of a future yet lived to an existence where we are ever-aware of the beautiful possibilities that are in this Present Moment alone.

3 Ways to Frame the Process of Preparation of a Life Well Lived

I remember the first time i saw a movie based on H.G. Wells, Time Machine. What struck me as a kid that seemed to give me an early view of Now Moments was that when the time machine would travel back and forth in time, it was not hurled into someplace into the future. Time passed all around the time machine right where it was. It seemed that H.G. Wells understood quantum physics even if he didn’t realize it.

Time passes as a series of Now Moments lived with an expectation that better surroundings will overtake our time machine as well. It is up to us to become an active participant of the Now Moments we are in.

Way 1: Understand that the Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.

Actors know the process of rehearsing once they are into it and understand that it is the rehearsal that gives any performance its truth. It takes great actors a total immersion into each Now Moment to give a riveting performance when the cameras roll or the curtain is opened.

It would be beautiful if we had a time machine and were able to propel us into the future where we would have a desire to be manifested, but we have to inch ourselves along.

But really do we desire that? Think about repeats of TV shows and movies you have seen. I mean the thrill is gone if you have seen it right? OK, maybe Star War is exempt here, but really, think about a thriller you have seen and you have a friend that has not. they tell you ‘not to spoil it for them’ right?

The joy truly is in the journey, but it is our journey to live with a passion for excellence.

Way 2: It Is Self Betterment That We Desire

Often times, i am asked to categorize the posts i write and will the obvious choice is Self Improvement, or Self Help, i really look to it as Self Betterment. It is my mindset that improvement is so subjective and is often used by others to direct you in some way, or tell you to improve yourself.

You don’t need to improve, or help yourself. It is the betterment of yourself for the larger vision that matters. Betterment is so internal as it describes something that we seek to become more aware of. When i would direct actors, it is not that the constant rehearsal of a scene improved them as an actor, it made them a better person as well as a performer.

Way 3: Leave Judgement to Others for it is Not Your Destiny

I believe that when you take it upon yourself to judge situations and others in any way, you are not judging them, but you are making a judgement on your view of the world and the possibilities for a life well lived.

Why is it that we are think we are here to judge how anyone desires to live their lives? Yes, parents guide so as to give their children a way to make beautiful choices, but why do we feel the need to become “The De-Terminator” for every ones journey?

It is as if some we become some machine gun welding robot with our words and thoughts by thinking that by judging the journey of others and making some determination on their intent, we are ‘helping’ them by talking about them behind their back.

We are helping our ego to become more inflated as we would never do anything like that, right?

Everyone is on their own journey and it is up to us to live in a way that when our time machine comes to rest, a paradise awaits us from the preparation we gave to every Now Moment along the way.

There is an old saying that goes, “No one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care. When you can be the one who cares and not cross over into judgement, you will indeed lift all boats that surround you on your journey to a higher level in your wake.

It is Nature. it is Nurture. It is the Preparation of a Life well Lived.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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