My Pandora played me a song by Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway, and i thought that the words of the chorus fit perfectly into the place we must all decide to do to really advance ourselves into each fantastic Now Moment.

Breakaway From Limiting Thoughts

The lyrics of the chorus are:

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly

I’ll do what it takes til’ I touch the sky


And I’ll make a wish

Take a chance

Make a change

And breakaway


Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won’t forget all the ones that I love


I’ll take a risk

Take a chance

Make a change

And breakaway

These words struck me as a way to release yourself into a new Now Moment in a way that seeks to honor the experiences of the past.

However, to really release yourself, you must indeed breakaway from the anchors that sometimes keep you in a place that is not necessarily a bad place, but a place that is maybe too comforting. You have to release you have to breakaway.

It is funny as i coach people from all walks of life, sometimes it is the very comfort of what they see as a place of security that are the limiting thoughts that bind them in a place in their lives.

Sometimes it is the very security that you desire in a relationship, a station in life, or whatever, that keeps you from spreading your wings. Sometimes letting go is indeed the risk that others decide for you is crazy.

But the point is that others are deciding for you.Are you deciding for you?

Limiting thoughts are that place within you that is nothing more than the ego telling you that you are not worthy of a better experience. It is so-called security that binds you to an image of what is safe and secure.

You know, as i love the watching of reality shows, i watch with interest “The Biggest Loser” and hear to tell of how Americans have allowed that very thought of security and a sedentary lifestyle to become their reality. We become creatures that are then based in the image of security instead of the expansion of our selves into a better creature of the world.

During “The Biggest Loser”, the trainers usually get into the heads of the various folks at the ranch where they train. As they train them, they come to discover that the overweight individuals have become creatures of limiting thoughts in that they have retreated within themselves and put a certain amount of trust in the food as it judges them not.

It simply is there and is a place that they can find a comfort as the limiting thoughts that brought them there are now solely at the behest of the food.

Most have done this, if not with food, with relationships, or careers or anything else that seems fairly innocuous on the surface. Anything that keeps you at a place in your life and does not allow for your expansion is at the core of limiting thoughts.

3 Ways to Breakaway From Limiting Thoughts

Remember if you are allowing yourself to be kept in a place that you do not expand your soul, then you are limiting yourself. We are creatures of expansion of a soul level and that expansion brings forth the creation of the world we share with other enlightened souls.

Way 1: The Past is the Past. Forgetaboutit!

There is this feeling i first heard my mother describe as being “out of sorts”, meaning that something is just not right in your soul. You are unsettled but can’t really understand why.

That something is always the past that is rippling onto the Present Moment. Most live in such a place of regret and guilt with things that happened or did not happen in some distant past that they are ‘out of sorts’ with the Present Moment. The ego loves this. The Now Moment then is forgotten about and the past and future, then, are the essence of living, according to the ego.

You have to let go in love. This is the key. There must be only love for the experiences and lessons of the past alone. Yes, everyone has heartbreak and tragedy in their lives, as that is the natural order of things, but you have to, as the Italians say, “forgetaboutit!” Which in Italian means, leave it or die. Usually when you don’t forgetaboutit, you die. So make sure you “forgetaboutit”.

It was best described in the Movie from 1997 called, “Donnie Brasco” when an FBI technician asked Donnie Brasco what it meant. This was his response. “Forget about it is like if you agree with someone, you know, like Raquel Welch is one great piece of ass, forget about it. But then, if you disagree, like A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac? Forget about it! you know? But then, it’s also like if something’s the greatest thing in the world, like mingia those peppers, forget about it. But it’s also like saying Go to hell! too. Like, you know, like “Hey Paulie, you got a one inch pecker?” and Paulie says “Forget about it!” Sometimes it just means forget about it.”

The Past is the Past, Forgetaboutit!

Way 2: Understand That You Are the One Who Allows All in Your Life

This is a tough one to grasp, but this takes you to a place of responsibility in your life and frees you from the trap of not going froward with a knowledge that you can be expansive in thought, word and deed.

You are a creative being meant to be expansive and to create your own reality. To not allow that to happen is to allow the ego and those in your sphere to determine for you your existence.

If you have decided that life, the economy, a relationship or anything else that is ‘holding you back’ is responsible for your limiting thoughts and actions, then rethink it.

Believe it or not, you are the creator of your greatness and you are meant to live a life not based on excuses of why you can’t move forward. If you have retreated into some type of comfort like food or alcohol, you might want to stop and ask yourself why.

If you are constantly saying that this or that happened to you, you might want to understand that nothing happens “to” you but “because of you”.

There is no judgement here and no reason for self-incrimination or blame. Just release yourself to it and become a person that desires to know that there are no limitations. You can create your own reality, but begin the process now, for this is the only moment you have.

Way 3: Let Your Mind Go Free

You have to, as the song, Breakaway, says, take a risk, Take a chance, Make a change And breakaway.

Where do you want to go? Who do you desire to be Now? Who do you desire to become when you have released yourself to be so?

What is stopping you?

Here is the answer to the last question…You.

Create your own reality, not one self-imposed on you by a set of beings who have themselves, limited thinking and perceptions of what is and could be. You are better than those kind of thoughts.

Be aware, though, this step requires the full commitment to truly unleashing yourself. I usually describe this process to clients as the realization that the room that you have been locked in is finally open for you to leave, but you enter the hallway with your hand still on the door frame, just in case.

Just in case of what?

Step into the hallway and thank the room for the experience of solitude, if nothing else. Don’t look back for it was but a place that kept you from expanding.

You are free. You did Breakaway and now the world is your oyster. It is up to you to find the Pearl within it that is right for you alone.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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