Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes and, quite frankly, you can never really tell what it is that motivates someone, as it is not a one-size-fits-all frame of mind.

Everyone has a different place where motivation seems to hit them and to try to fit the very word of Motivation into a preconceived idea that fits the masses, is a crazy concept.

But we seem to do it.

The way most parents seem to motivate their kids, the way managers motivate their staff and the way advertisers use different tactics on us to motivate consumers to buy.

In any political season, especially, you see what seems to be a mass motivation for candidates that propel is to care about issues that other times we don’t concern ourselves with as we are on the daily mission to simply live in the Universal Way of abundance.

Motivation: Running To or Running Away

At its core, Motivation is the designation of one of two possible concepts; the running away from something or the running to something. And more often than not, they are aimed directly at our insecurities about ourselves or our situation. Basically, our ego.

Now, don’ get me wrong here. Motivation at its core has a place but should come from a far deeper place than the egoic tendency of appealing to some insecurity. Motivation is really a larger look at who we are in the Universal Way.

I love reality shows. I do. I watch most of the main ones from Survivor to Amazing Race to Top Chef and Hells Kitchen, Celebrity Apprentice to even, Big Brother. Reality shows are a study of the human ego on trial and believe it or not, Motivation is the glue that holds it all together. Motivation is also on display as the way people run from a situation or run to a situation or other people.

What i love about the shows is that they offer a compressed look at what is usually played out in life, but it is in a heightened atmosphere of loss and reward.

Life is the same way, it just plays out at a more casual level unless we are ‘forced’ out of our comfort zone and have to act, or should i say, react.

Ways Reality Shows Can Show Us Motivation

While some may roll their eyes at reality shows, like it or not, they give is a peak into our own psychology of the way we might me motivated.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of psychology that has gone into the way the game is structured; to the way the people are separated into groups to the challenges that are devised along the way for ‘rewards’.

With that there are lessons, or takeaways, that we can apply to our own reality show called our lives.

Way 1: Look at the Way You are Motivated to Play the Game.

It is funny to watch the reality players enter with a certain ‘strategy’ and then as soon as they get there, all of a sudden there is some twist or some quirky personality they had not intended on and their strategy goes out the window.

The challenge with strategies is that they are often like playing sand volleyball. The shifting sand always presents a challenge as to how you will react and it is only after years of playing that someone seems to master the concepts.

The way you play the game is a reflection of who you are. If you go in with a set core strength as to who you are, there is no need for strategies. You operate from your center and you are free to adapt to changing circumstances as they arise. You then take the reaction and change it to positive action.

Way 2: What is the Motivation of Who You Make Alliances With?

It always intrigues me when these reality players within the first microsecond of starting the game, decide to forge an alliance not even knowing who is playing along side of them. They like the way they look, or talk or whatever, and decide to cast their lot with them. What is always amazing is when it comes to the end of the game and the people who were sent packing from the game decide to cop an attitude form someone who went against the alliance.

Really? it is a game and there can be only one left standing. The ego always lashes out when it thinks it is being attacked. But what is really happening is that the ego needs to be always first and when someone stands in its way, then it becomes insulted.

Life is like that as well. We make shaky alliances that go against our core and then we are ‘thrown under the bus’ because of those alliances, we blame the alliance, the people, the way the game is played…everything but the person in the mirror.

By the way, I am of the mindset that when they interview folks for the reality shows, a question they ask them is that, when they were a kid, were they told to be good sports if playing a game? If the answer is “No” they get to be on the show.

Don’t fall victim to being a victim of alliances you have made. Be strong to who your core self is.

Way 3: What is the Motivation for You to Change Your Way of Playing?

There comes a point where we have to adapt, to change, to evolve to a higher level of life, of living. It is really our driving desire to become more than we think we are.

To truly think outside of yourself. It is only the acceptance of the lack attitude that keeps you where you are. The attitude that doesn’t give you the Motivation to move forward as you have seemed to have lost your zeal for doing so.

In reality shows, there are usually alliances, teams that ‘stick together’ through thick or thin, or until its time to win.

The last season of Survivor had a beautiful portrayal of that very point. The one team had gotten the upper hand on the other by a one person shift to their side and managed to pick off the opposing team one-by-one until they were left by themselves to fight it out to the end.

At that point, someone had to decide to change their strategy and make bold moves to Outwit and Outplay the rest. The “this-team-loves-each-other-no-matter-what-happens’ became the most cut-throat bunch that ever played the game. Someone had to be motivated beyond the team and reach within themselves to get to the end.

In life, the motivation really is to keep our truth and be able to adapt to the shifting sands of time. Examine what it is that motivates you to change your strategy, but always be sure it is not something that goes against your core values.

In the end, it is always the ones with the quiet resolve that tend to garner the respect of the other players. It is you inner core values of who you are, without the ego, that defines your truth.

Live it with the fullness that you are for you are truly worth it.

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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