I was once speaking at a two-day seminar and, is the occasion for such events, some of the speakers went a tad longer than thought. Good for the attendees as they certainly got back in time and money they had invested in the event.

But over the course of the two days, i noticed an elderly lady that sat about four rows back and was just smiling the entire time as she listened to the speakers. I was intrigued and after one of the sessions, went over to speak to her.

Obviously, i was curious why she was so intent to be at the seminar and, as we walked together outside to get some fresh air, she grabbed my hand and said, “I just never stop living, honey. I keep expanding as that is what God intends.” She went on to say, “You see, older folks, not me…” She said as she smiled. (You see, later i learned, through our conversation, that she was over ninety years young.)

She continued, “Most older folks, for some reason, think that they know it all, or have no desire to increase after a certain age. They get in the mindset that they have no value, that this is simply a younger person’s world. They have lost all desire to be expansive creatures and with desire usually goes perseverance as it is just easy to say I’m too old.”

Needless to say, i learned more that day than did probably anyone attending, at least to me.

The key point she said to me that i never forgot was the statement, “They have lost all desire to be expansive creatures and with desire usually goes perseverance as it is just easy to say I’m too old.”

The Interconnectedness of Desire and Perseverance

That started me on my own personal quest within myself, with the people i coached and with all i came into contact with. Desire and Perseverance, their interconnectedness.and the way we operate within them.

You see, the two are often so symbiotic that we don’t sometimes even realize it. The challenge is that in today’s world, it seems as if everything is a desire without a purpose. It’s just a desire and, darn it all, i want it now.

And here is the kicker in today’s consciousness; If i don’t get it, life is unfair, the rich have cheated me, the government needs to take of it, on on it goes. And why? Because we supposedly have a right to all of our desires. Somehow, along the way, the pursuit of happiness became, “I have a right to all my desires.”

But here is what is missing…Perseverance.

You see, the Universe makes no mistakes and TRUE desires will always come with a perseverance level that is a natural part of the process. Most find that when they have a true desire, that perseverance is the bridge that carries you between the moments of self-doubt that the ego will invade you with in those moment when desire wanes.

Perseverance is the undercurrent that carries you down stream even when you believe yourself on a still patch on the river of life. It gets many words such as passion, self belief, or whatever other current expression is being tossed about. The point is, it really is the ability to persevere in times when you think you can’t.

The Questions You Ask to See if Your Desire is Your Truth

I am not a firm believer in procrastination as i am of the mindset that anything we desire to do, we do it. So, often times it is my pursuit to allow a coaching client the freedom to discover their true desires.

Question 1: Does Your Desire Move You?

Once, as i was coaching a client, she stated to me how she had always desired to go to Hawaii. As she talked about it and how, during the down times in her life, she would just think of lying on the beaches there and the experience of what it would be like to do so.

After listening, i asked her if she would do me a favor; would she go out and spend money on magazines and cut out pictures of Hawaiian beaches, hotels and anything else that was strictly Hawaii  and place them everywhere around her house and report back the experience.

She thought for a moment and then said, “Probably not. It would be too much of a hassle to get magazines and pay for them. I’ll just look at pictures on the Internet.”

I was not shocked, really, as i then knew that she was in love with the idea of the desire and was not actually being moved by it. A true desire has to move you into each Now Moment with a purpose. Maybe it is not all-consuming entity, but it is always there moving you. There is a sweet perseverance that is always like the undercurrent pulling you forward.

Question 2: Do You Allow Others to Influence Your Desires?

Do you take what others say about desires that you have and influence them? Do you truly care that others think your desires are stupid, dumb or impossible?

By the way, if they are a true desire, they are always inspired by the Universe and, therefore, no words can be attached to them as they are yours alone. But if others can sway you, maybe your desires are only ideas of desires that you adore.

Watching American Idol and the audition process, i am always amused when someone says that so-and-so “kept” them from auditioning as they didn’t support them in their quest. Like you need any ones support, ever.

Yes, it would be grand for the world to line up behind you and slap you on the back and tell you that you can do it. But, quite frankly, it is always a solitary journey and if others cheer you on, great, but they are not the ones who live for you. Again, it is the undercurrent of perseverance that pulls you forward into the true desire.

Question 3: Does Not Attaining The Desire Pain You More Than the Idea of Not Even Trying?

The essential question here is: Do you believe that you were given this from your Creator as something that is you? Do you feel the pain of the desire unfulfilled is something more than you could possibly bare? I am not talking a drama-type of desire that we all have had. You know, the “I will just die if this or that doesn’t happen!”

You won’t.

No, what i am speaking of is that part of you that feels incomplete if you are not persevering towards the desire. Even in spans of time that nothing seems to be happening, it is always there and, whether you understand it or not, your actions are leading you to that desire.

When the pain of not attaining a desire is greater that any other emotion, and there is a truth within the desire that maybe you can’t really explain, then the desire finds its own perseverance.

The desire is your truth and perseverance is your constant companion. From there, life expands outward and joy lives within.

It is the way of life.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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