In the dynamics of putting together a theatrical production to perform, there is always an Opening Night in which we are striving. Such as life, the events that we are preparing for, our Opening Nights, are really nothing more than a series of rehearsals in some way.

But let me explain the process here. You see, a lot of behind the scenes events have to happened before an Opening Night ever does. Besides the rehearsals, there is the stage prep, the show marketing and everything else that makes a production a success.

In life, such as in the theatre, we to have a lot of behind the scenes actions that must take place for our own Opening Nights. Like a theatrical season, with several opening nights contained within our season, think of your life as a series of Opening Nights as well.

Multitasking Our Lives Away

The challenge is that often times we are multitasking our life away with no sense of clarity at all. We just react to one situation after another and seem to drift away hoping and praying for the best.

Seriously, we hope and pray to God that this or that happens and get hacked off when it doesn’t blaming God, the world, the economy and everything in between instead of looking at the epicenter of all the seismic activity; Ourselves.

Now, you would think that from a true Now Moment perspective, that drifting is our forte and that is the rap that has been put upon Now Moment-types; We just stand around in a calm state and never are concerned about any moment but this one.

Well, yes and no.

Clarity and Focus are the key to all Now Moments. Like putting together a show, we understand when Opening Night is and all that has to be done to get there, we just understand that nothing happens Opening Night that hasn’t already happened in every rehearsal day that leads up to Opening Night.

3 Ways to Adopt a Life of Focus and Clarity

Now Moment thinkers, which is the desire of all, but the ego attempts to have you only in the Opening Nights of your life and the worries of some future day with no appreciation or concern for the Present Moment. Left up to the ego, the Opening Nights would never contain any rehearsals, only the incessant worry that there is about the Opening Night to begin with.

Way 1: Look at the Opening Nights of Your Life and Know They Are Not Lived There

With clarity and focus, Now Moment thinkers have a sense of the precious gift that is an Opening Night but truly understand that it is in the rehearsals that we find our voice. In every part an actor rehearses for, there is that one point where they “get it”. That point in the rehearsal process where their part comes alive to them. It is usually when they have gotten “off script” and the words become part of them, as does then the character.

In life, having a sense of clarity and focus does not immediately give you that sense, as one might think, but it is when we go “off script” so to speak, that the part we are playing becomes alive to us.

This is the reason many who engage in New Year’s Resolutions go so horribly off track. They live only in the Opening Night of the resolution and never truly get “off script” for the resolution to become alive to them.

Way 2: Be Willing to Pursue Every Rehearsal Night With A Single Focus

Rehearsals are an amazing thing in that if an actor comes into it completely focused on the days events or some past rehearsal where things didn’t click for them, they often time get inside their own heads. The only rehearsal that matters is the one you are in.

Such is life. The only moment that truly matters is the one that you are in. Don’t allow a past that you have labeled as “unsuccessful” vitiate this Present Moment. And don’t be concerned with Opening Night, for it is Now. You see, without the clarity and focus of this Precious gift of Now, there is no Opening Night worth speaking of.

As i used to tell actors, we all desire there to be an Opening Night, but the only way to be sure that there is to be one is to be focused on this rehearsal alone for here is where any Opening Night happens.

Way 3: Reward Successes Along the Way

It can not be said enough that if you don’t take care and concern for the little victories of the Now Moments, that opening Night is often a let down. In fact, this is such a danger that actors often fall victim to what i call, “Opening Night Hangover.” Essentially, they were so vested in opening night, that the second night comes and they lack the enthusiasm for the continuation of the show run. It was as if the Opening Night was the end-all-to-beat-all.

But like in life, Opening Night is only the beginning, usually. There is usually a show run that has to be performed. Not every one comes to Opening Night.

Don’t get trapped in the success of Opening Night Alone, but reward great performances along the way. If you find yourself looking for opportunities to be grateful for yours and others involved in your Opening Night, be it a team, a partner or whoever, and you look for ways to appreciate the little moments of achievement, then you will understand that sometimes the little moments rewarded are the essence of life themselves.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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