If you have every played any video game whatsoever, be it a simple flash game or a full-blown immersing experience with a game console, then you know that the object of any video game is to move your character through the gaming platform on some type of mission.

Be it a quest or a shoot-em-up, the experience is basically designed around your characters gaining of points in whatever form that takes, and then Upgrading your guns, shielding, skills or whatever to become better as the levels become more difficult.

The point here is to be constantly Upgrading yourself to prepare yourself for the upcoming battles within the game.

Such is life.

The very experiences of life are nothing more than the constant Upgrading of your ever-increasing skill set that advances you to the next level of play. That is the nature of schooling, (well it was the original intent) but to prepare you by advancing your skill sets in tiny little increments so that when you are ‘all grown up’, you are ready for the world.

As a director, it was my pursuit to guide the actors from one skill set of not being confident in their abilities to even read the dialog convincingly, to another, being able to stand on stage and perform so as to move the audience in the way the play was intended.

Such is life.

You see, we are always to be expanding ourselves in such a way so as to Upgrade ourselves to the next level. It is what we were designed to do by our Creator, it is the very nature of the universe itself – expansion.

This is the danger of our modern-day thinking that everything should be provided for us. This is the tenants of Communism and Socialism in that, the premise is that if everything is provided, then we are just naturally happy.

The opposite is true.

Loss Aversion

As a Strategic Life Coach, i have see transformations in people who, by and large, are seeking just that. Most who desire coaching understand that they need to indeed Upgrade themselves but they are usually, by nature, people of character already that demand that of themselves. They have just stalled on a level and need to see other possibilities so as to be able to Upgrade.

I seldom coach anyone who has decided that the government or that some ‘job’ should give them security in some respect. People who are looking for constant security are the very ones who usually don’t seem to have it in any way in their lives.

It is called Loss Aversion, or simply put, an attitude of lack. The very nature of always looking for security is the admitting to yourself that you are lacking and all you are really doing is trying not to lose anything.

So, Loss Aversion refers to people’s tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses than to acquiring gains. Some studies suggest that losses are twice as powerful, psychologically, as gains. This then leads to Risk Aversion when people evaluate a possible gain; since people prefer avoiding losses to making gains.

Essentially, it comes from a lack attitude. You prefer to not Upgrade.

If you were playing some game that was a shoot-em-up, essentially, you would just hide behind some wall so you would not take the chance on getting shot. You would never gains points to later upgrade your shielding, your guns, or gain more lives in the game. You prefer to be lacking as it serves you, for whatever reason.

3 Tips to Set the Course to Upgrade Your Life


Tip 1: Understand that Your Were Designed to Always Be Upgrading

If, for whatever reason, you have become stagnant in your pursuit from a career standpoint, or in a personal endeavor, then you need to stop and look to see if you, not any other person, place or thing, have decided to ‘hide behind a wall’. Really ask yourself if you are in someway practicing Loss Aversion and why?

You see, it is a simple thing to blame someone else, or some condition, for your inability to desire to Upgrade. It is just easier sometimes to wait it out behind the wall of life and hope you don’t have to bother with it. But we were not designed that way.

When your green you are growing, when you are ripe, you are rotten.

Tip 2: Be Willing to Change the Dynamics of the Game

I look at this as a reboot of sorts. When a computer virus infects your computer and things seem to begin to act badly within the system, you have to essentially give the old system an enema to flush out the virus.

Heck, Scotty and Geordi La Forge were always doing it on the Enterprise in Star Trek. Rebooting the warp core because some alien was trying to muck up the works.

Sometimes we have to understand if some alien is trying to do the same to us. However, most of the time, the alien is us. Our thinking has become so pointed to some type of Loss Aversion that we stop Upgrading.

Oh, it is not that you aren’t capable, we all are. It is that you have decided to just not do so. You have to be willing to say, ‘I need an Upgrade and I am willing to shake up things so it happens.’

What ever you have to do, this Now Moment is the time it happens. If you can’t decide to move from behind that wall Now, then don’t bother. The decision is always Now.

Tip 3: Commit to the Upgrade

This is the step where so many fall back behind the wall on.

They know they need to Upgrade. They have identified the challenge that is preventing them from Upgrading, but they have decided not to commit to it. They peek out from behind the wall, take a couple of shots, then go back behind the wall and tell themselves that, this too, isn’t working. They then presume it is everything else that is causing them to not advance, even the wall itself.

But the wall doesn’t care if you advance or not. It is just there, as are most of you perceived challenges. They are just there.

It is as if you have to almost take a “Butch and Sundance” approach to it all.

At the end of the classic movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the two were pinned down by the Mexican army, on their last rounds of ammunition. The last scene showed them just charging out from behind the walls of the building and then the scene froze as we heard the sounds of gunfire erupt.

They committed to the upgrade!

So, too, should you. It could just become the most exhilarating and liberating experience of your life.

We are not in this life to become complacent, to not Upgrade, or to become so engrossed in a security mindset that we forget about living. You are a creature of expansion. Live as such.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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