In movies and TV shows as long as the medium as been produced, love, it seems, has mostly been portrayed as a bunch of long-flowing robed individuals gently moving about talking in gentle, flowing statements.

In Star Trek, when ever Kirk or Picard, would happen upon some loving, Utopian-type planet that was being threatened in some way, it always seemed that the inhabitants of the planets had decided that the garb of pure love is, indeed, long flowing gowns for everyone.

Maybe that is why we struggle with it within our own lives, especially, men; The official dress of love freaks us out. Damn ego!

Know Love, Know Life; No Love, No Life

Now, all joking aside (or am i?), i am not going to presume to become a purveyor of love in a way that i am going to show you the perfect way to live love. Although, it is my contention that love is indeed the way of the Universe, i will attempt to come at it in a different perspective.

Of course, that is the way of the ego and its nasty way that it infiltrates and takes you from the joy that is living in love. It truly is the very nature of love to live it with a passion that, in everything we do, it becomes who you are. Love, then, becomes the only true compass heading that you live. For in life, everything leads to love and everything must lead from love in all you do.

Now, with love seemingly on display and depicted in so many different ways and with so many views of love being dispensed as the ‘right’ way in which to do it, it is a far too personal of a journey to lay down one set of rules that unite all factions within it.

Love is Like Art

It seems as if artists (or anyone who truly lives their passion) are really the ‘long-flowing gowns’ among us when it comes to living love. You have long heard the ‘Starving Artist’ designation as someone who has this innate passion and love for expression of their inward soul. Some make it as big-shot celebrities and then get so lost in the fame of it all that they easily dispense of the long-flowing gowns.

Essentially, they sell out to the egoic nature within them as they enter the life of a star.

Many Hollywood types then go on crusades for some cause as they seemingly have lost touch with the very nature of the love that brought them there, or worse, become enslaved to a life of substance abuse ending up on shows such as “Celebrity Rehab.”

It is no wonder we lose sight of love as we do and it is no wonder the ego then uses it against us common folk in such a way that we, too, have cast off the ‘long flowing gowns.’

Houston, the Ego has Landed

So, it is no wonder that we allow the ego to become the sole arbiter of love within us . I suppose it is just easier to allow it as then we can make the necessary excuses when love doesn’t work out as we planned or we allow some reaction to some situation in our lives that comes not from a place of love.

3 Ways To Begin Taking the Ego From Love

This is definitely a process as it means, in many cases, removing layers upon layers of misconceptions about yourself and the very nature of love within you. If you need to consult with a coach or a mentor of some kind, that would be a great start, but there is really no option here.

There is no other way to live your life than from a place of love. The ego has been in charge and it is tome to do some spring cleaning. Let’s start the process here in the 3 Ways and grow from there.

Way 1: Know Thyself

This seems fairly self-explanatory, or does it?

While the past is something i never encourage you to stay within, it is, nonetheless, like the wake of a boat; it shows us where we have been and by experience, we have learned to steer clear of certain obstacles that are inherent of riding in a watercraft. The past, then, is nothing more than a guide to who we are and the experiences we have taken away from the journey itself.

Nothing more than that.

The ego would tend to keep you forever in the past by constantly reminding you of some obstacle you did hit or nearly hit. But the egos sole intent is to keep you from living in this Present Moment in the very nature of love and for you to depend on it to keep you from examining everything from a prism of love, but, instead from the view of the egoic-nature based in the past..

Way 2: Release Judgement

This is one of those things that so many talk about, yet so few seem to be able to get their heads around. In its very nature, judgement is at its apex, fear-based in its conception and the way it is lived.

But, by far, the way most use judgement is against themselves.

The ego welds it like a scalpel as it slices and dices you to keep you forever in line. Self-Judgement is like the promise of plastic surgery to be performed on you by the ego, but the surgery goes horribly wrong and many times you think yourself better for it, but most who see the effects of the surgery know differently. The self-judgement then manifest itself in many ways within your life. However, none more damaging that in the judgement of others.

Way 3: Understand that Love is Simple; It Just Is

The ego will tell you so many things about love; it’s a game, there is no such thing as true love anymore, everyone is out for themselves, and on and on it goes. The ego is right…from it’s perspective and if you live in the ego-based universe, that is the truth.

But you desire a different view, a more ‘long-flowing gowns’ sort of view, right? You see, love really is quite simple in that we are love by our very nature. But it is when the ego steps in and tries to manipulate it that it becomes so damned difficult, does it not?

It need not be that way. Yes, it may take a bolt of  inspiration or something similar to shake you to your core to make you finally understand this truth, but truth it is. Just because we choose a different journey doesn’t change it.

Love is simply the Present Now Moment unfolding in a natural way within us and us not allowing the ego to mutate it into something hideous. It just is.

Maybe the Starship Enterprise is right to take us on the journey to the land of long-flowing robes. Maybe in the end, it is just that simple.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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