Have you ever seen a magician cover a balloon with shaving cream and then shave it without popping it? The idea, of course, is that the balloon is so tender and that the magician is so cool, calm and collected that he can shave it without popping it.

Pretty cool, i suppose.

But it got me to thinking that it is not unlike the layers upon layers that we, too, apply to ourselves to keep us ‘protected’ from the world, or probably more often than not, protected from ourselves,

You see, the ego’s main goal is to protect itself from extinction, therefore protecting you. Though that seems like it is a worthy pursuit, it is a maniacal descent into the abyss as most become encased in the insecurities that are now used to keep you from obtaining all that is meant for you in the Universal Stream of Life.

Here’s the thing. Most have become so encased in the various protection modes that the ego has set forth initially, and then our own insecurities begin to multiply them layer upon layer, that we hardly even recognize the truth of who we are in life.

We have become nothing more than the sum of our parts obscuring the beautiful and perfect circle of life that we are underneath it all.

It really becomes about the questions you ask yourself about the layers and whether they serve you. In reality, most begin the transition from their true selves to the layers as they see themselves as the very layers themselves.

The truth is that we need to shave the layers, if need be, one layer at a time. But since the identification with those layers has so become us, we wouldn’t even know where to begin.

3 Ways to Begin the Process of Removing the Layers That Surround You

So, like the magician, we need to just shave the balloon all at once, probably. It is kind of like when you had a little injury as a kid and it was time for the band-aid to come off. The bandage had now become almost a part of your skin while the cotton bandage part was ‘protecting’ your injury as it healed. The slower it was taken off seemed to be the more painful. But the one-fell-swoop approach, always a quick sting, was easily forgotten as we saw the healing that had taken place. This is the approach we must look upon for our own healing to take place

Way 1: The Layers are What They Are

Here is the cleverness of the egoic layers, as i like to call them. Yes, they may not all be egoic in nature, but i can guarantee the ego had a hand in their application. I often think of the ego as the old mob boss depicted in old Hollywood movies that gets his henchmen to do the ‘dirty work’ while remaining untouchable.

The ego will, as you attempt to start to self-examine the layers, pile on guilt and other insecurities about the removal of the layers themselves. It is like when someone tells you that you can’t break up with them because they are the best thing that happened to you, and you start to believe them.

You are the best thing that ever happened to you.

The layers are what they are and shall be given no judgement from you as to how or why they were applied. The important thing here is to know that the layers have no longer a purpose in your life and it is time to shave them off. Lamenting for the reason they exist is only an attempt by the ego to tell you that you need them. Don’t believe it.

Way 2: You Are Worthy

This is one of the most important points that must be made here for this is one of the most devious aspects of the egoic nature. Worthiness.

You see, Worthiness is what i call a Super Layer, in that, it is used to coat all of other layers in such a way as to make them impenetrable. That is the biggest challenge with layers; most see them as cement upon cement, unbreakable. But the fact is that cement is very easily broken by a vibrational method. As all of the Universe is vibration, we too can get through our layers by merely finding the right tool to use.

The fact is, however, is that Worthiness is the illusion of cement, really. Actually each layer is really nothing more than shaving cream or a very light foam that can easily be shaved off with the right tool.

Once you allow your worthiness, you then see the layers for what they are

Way 3: Allow Yourself to Expect The Best

Once you have allowed yourself to feel worthy of all that life has in store for you, you can then allow nothing but the best to become your natural state. However, that is usually easier said than done.

Here is the danger zone where simple platitudes will not serve you. Repeating over and over that you are worthy and that you will do this or that is not going to do anything for you. in fact, it is as if the ego expects you to do this. It is almost like the old image of the King and the Court Jester.

The King (the ego) desires to be amused and the Court Jester prances around in bright, colorful costumes doing things that he thinks will amuse the King to appease him.

What really has to happen here is that the King must be dethroned and you must become worthy of the layers to be removed in an honest view of who you truly are. It must be natural, not forced, and you must truly Expect the Best for yourself.

The removal of the layers, no matter the method, is the only way you can guarantee that life is the joy that has been designed for you.

In the end, it is your journey. But you are not alone, if nothing else than to seek the encouragement of a coach to get you to see under the layers and to discover that you are indeed, worthy.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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