google plus circlesThe newest rage in Social Media circles is, well, circles. When Google+ introduced the concept of grouping together people in the logical way that we arrange people in our lives, it made sense.

Have you every blown those bubbles you get at the Dollar Store just for fun? Kids love doing it but why do we lose the simple joy of doing so as adults? Purchase a jar of bubbles soon and just enjoy them so that you can free yourself to think in a Universal Way for a bit.

You see, life itself is really, in a sense, a constant arrangement of circles that seem to float about like bubbles. When two or three or whatever intersect they form a new circle, but the bubbles are fluid and ever changing. Some float seemingly alone for a bit and then others are interconnected always, it would so seem, with other bubbles as that is their nature.

The ego tends to want to control you in such a way as to label the very movement of the bubbles and the way they are connected.

How does the ego do it?

The ego uses various aspects of life that seemingly make sense to us, on the surface, but insecurities are at the heart of all egoic tendencies. The ego takes feelings and emotions and heightens them to become almost seemingly irrational aspects of the way we feel and act.

However, it always makes sense to us. The secret is to allow the bubbles to float free to begin with and never even allow the ego to become involved in anything.

3 Ways To Allow Yours and Others Bubbles to Float Free of Ego

When you notice the very beauty of a bubble, you can see that it seems to be a little piece of perfection floating in time and space. Why then would you allow anything such as the ego to label it or try to control it.

Way 1: Understand the Very Nature of Bubbles

They do best when made and allowed to just float. Yes, we try to control them by giving them waves of our hands or blowing on them to keep them afloat, but usually, when left alone, they will complete their journey that they are destined for. The ego is always trying to control the very nature and path of the bubbles of life. Understand that we are all on our own journey and that each life, each bubble, is a perfection unto itself. Allow people to take their own journeys by not becoming an ego-driven creature based in insecurities.

Way 2: Never Force Connections as They Will Occur Naturally

One thing the ego loves to do is force connections where there are none. I suppose we best see this played out in the aspect of love.

In reality TV, in movies and TV shows, we see that very set-up as a way to enter into a drama situation that is suppose to rivet you to your seat. Well, as that is the intent, it grabs us because, while we may scoff at the antics of some TV or movie character that is mismatched in love, and we know it, it is familiar ground as most have been there in some way within their own bubbles. The forcing of love where there need not be.

The idea that we force any connection, be it a relationship or some event in time and space that is not a natural fit for us, is a way to misshape your bubble.

You have done that while blowing bubbles have you not? Tried to blow many together in such a way that the circle is almost hideous looking and it very seldom last. In fact, often times the bubble cannot even float and drops to the ground and disintegrates before our eyes.

This is the very nature of forced connections in life and in love.

Way 3: Every Bubble Will Travel and Complete its Journey

As much as we allow the ego to try to manipulate others with our words and actions, ultimately we must decide to not become that creature who is so concerned with the actions of others that it causes our actions to be nothing but reactions. That is never a journey worth taking as it is fraught with insecurities in every aspect of living.

Like the bubble, the journey will start at its creation and end with its bursting at its predestined time. But here is the beauty of the bubble. It does not ever truly end. Like us, it just becomes too big for its soapy casing and must become something else.

Like the bubble, we, too, expand past our shell at what many think is the ending, but is truly a new beginning. Allow your bubble and everyone you interact with, to be free of the ego that tries to manipulate and control its course with forced connections.

Live free and float naturally on the winds of time free from the egoic nature that tries to control us all. For there is where life truly exists in its simplicity.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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