Everyone loves a David and Goliath story where the unsuspecting person becomes the hero under what seems to be insurmountable odds. It is even in our own lives that we seek to ‘take on’ the power structures, or the ones that we deem as such, to prove to ourselves, and others that we are capable of living up to our potential.

The challenge here, however, is that who defines the potential that we are to become and, many times, at the heart of our own David and Goliath story lies the insecurities that make us weak at the knees.

There are, essentially, two schools of though usually taken here.

Power through them, your insecurities, as if they are meaningless, you know, act positive even if you don’t feel it, and embrace them and ‘talk things out with them’. Get to the heart of the matter and look to see if there is a place we can deal with them on a logical and compassionate level.

In certain situations, one or both may serve you as you attempt to grow through them but i like to take somewhat of a hybrid approach to insecurities.

Fist, let’s look at the very heart of the word and its meaning. This is one of those words that is actually quite fascinating to look at because of the diversity that we have given it as a ‘catch-all’ of sorts. It seems that the beleaguered word has become a home for all that ails us an i could sped the rest of the little chat here just given you all of the variations and their synonyms.

Suffice it to say, i will give you a few words but know that it seems as if most everything that doesn’t make us stronger can be categorized as, insecurity, or as our insecurities in life. Trust me, it is a broad net that traps you and the best you can do is to Direct Your Power so as to not get caught in its trap.

So, Insecurity has its heart words such as; Anxiety, which is to say your, doubt, hesitancy, indecision, self-doubt, uncertainty, and vacillation about any given situation or about yourself.

Insecurity also has the word, Danger associated with it, which is a hazard, or a troublesome situation. Also, diffidence, which means hesitancy; a lack of confidence, instability, which is typically defined as imbalance and inconstancy, and qualm, which is, of course, nagging doubt.

This is just a few of the words. But what is even more fascinating is that each of these words, plus the several others that are the base of the word, insecurity, are surrounded by dozens of other words that identify and quantify the insecurity experience. In fact, looking at the list and phrases that describe the word Insecurity, i bet there are over two hundred words and phrases that we have come to associate with the word. It is daunting to even imagine tackling the very issue of handling insecurity to begin with, but these are beginning steps. The ego has build Shell after shell all under the umbrella of ‘Insecurity’ to keep you off balance.

3 Ways to Begin to Handle the Giant that is Insecurity in Your Life

We could literally take an associated word to insecurity each day over the next year and still not be done with it, but this is a beginning look at the way to slay this giant.

Way 1: Look At The Source First

What the ego does is to hide so skillfully within the word and its tributaries, that often the source of the insecurity is obscured. So, to begin the process, we take away our insecurity at its heart and look at the reason that these feelings have bubbled to the surface.

What about the Source is giving you these emotions. Strip away the emotions of what you feel for now and just objectively look at the Source of the insecurity-giver. Why does it exist? have you manufactured it to a degree or is it a one-size-fits-all type of challenge.

The key here is to strip away the emotions and look at  the core, the source of the insecurity.

Way 2: Each Emotion is Important Because You Feel it.

In my life coaching business,one of the things that is told to me by many of my women clients is that they detest being told to not ‘feel’ a certain way. Men are particularly reactionary to feelings in that they believe that most should not have them, or, at best, not display them for it could be taken as weakness.

This is where the ego loves to hide and then use as a weapon. There are even defenses in court cases where this happens now days. Feelings, coming out as weapons and the one who uses them is exonerated for doing so.

So, no matter who you are, feelings are an indicator and a guidepost. We feel them and then we don’t allow the ego to use them against us. We Direct Our Own Life in such a way as not being manipulated to allow these feelings to play into the insecurity of our lives. When your Direct Your Power, you are the one who remains in charge and the ego is relegated to the mailroom of the company known as ‘You, Inc.”

Way 3: Key in on the EXACT Word that is Your Insecurity

I have found that when you find the exact word that is at the heart of your insecurity, it goes a long way to allowing you to overcome it. Now this may seem simple, but as i have said the ego loves to layer the insecurity in ways that you become anxious at everything.

There is a word, it is up to you to uncover it. this may require some digging which the ego will try to circumvent, but pursue to the end for in the very pursuit you may find that your insecurity begins to diminish.

Such as in life, may times it is not the destination but the journey that matters most.

Just remember that insecurity is, at its core, a convoluted mess. It is up to you and you alone to slay this giant one step at a time. Live in this Present Moment alone for here is where your redemption waits for you.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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