There was an advertising slogan from years ago from Zenith who made electronics that stated in its tag line, “The Quality goes in before the Name goes on.”

Of course the imagery followed that Zenith cared about the product as a company and that they did their best to ensure that very essence as a company. However, the quality in such a thing as building electronics, or in any company that attempts to serve the human good, is only as good as the quality of the employees that make up your organization.

This is why, often times, when a company gets so big and bloated, such as IBM had gotten at the beginning of the computer revolution that encapsulated the 80’s, companies such as Apple and Microsoft were able to come in and grab the interest with high quality and a pure, unsaturated message of not only quality, but of a commitment to that quality.

In a previous post, it was asked of you to look at the very nature of the words that make up commitment. To define, for yourself, the nature of the idea of commitment for yourself and how you see your world as a result of that assessment.

We now look at the essence of the real meaning of commitment; the quality that makes and defines your commitment.

You see, the very word quality in our current corporate climate, seems to be more of a phrase lacking a heart. The very essence of quality now seems to be given to those niche companies that excel at customer service and a real dedication to a corporate environment that fosters that creative intellect that is necessary to maintain a quality experience.

In your own live, then, it becomes a serve for that niche-quality factor, as i like to call it, that sets you apart from others as a creative and dynamic human being.

3 Questions to Ask About the Quality of the Commitments in Your Life

It really comes down to the questions you ask about your commitments and what is the driving force behind those commitments that instill a sense of quality to your life.

Question 1: Do Your Commitments Define you or You Your Commitments

At the very heart of all commitments is the real question as to what you bring to the commitment. Do you notice if the commitments that you are involved in have a sense of purpose to them? Yes, there are projects that you may be involved in that seem more of a ‘got to do’ but, there is still something that inspires you on some level from a broader perspective that drives you to some form of quality within that commitment, right?

There is a piece of you contained within the commitment. So you see the reason you must ask the question of the commitment to begin with; Does it define you or you, it?

Question 2: Could You Define Personally, the Commitments that You are Involved in?

As in anything we do, believe it or not, we bring a set of values to that which we are involved in,or at least we should. At the heart of this is the very reason why people lack a sense of quality in that which they are involved, they don’t believe or even know who they are at their core.

We have all heard or read accounts of people who had, what seemed as, jobs that others might see as trivial, but they did it with such a beautiful sense of purpose and with a sense of knowing who they were in the Universal way of life, that the ‘so-called’ menial job became their platform for embracing humanity.

They, then, defined the commitment because they had defined themselves.

Question 3: Does the Quality of Your Life Reflect Your Commitments?

You know the old story that is in the parents handbook that they fall back to when you were a kid.

They say, ‘If little Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?’

It is a question that parents ask you when they want you to not associate with someone they don’t desire for you. But seldom does that statement really work in that the absurdity of it is always laughable.

But that’s the point.

Most would not jump off a bridge anyway, nor would little Johnny. But the parental handbook usually only gives the pithy sayings without regard for the larger principles that were to be defined. So we are often left with fragments of sayings crawling around our heads of mush as we grow into adulthood, whenever that happens.

But the larger principle is that we are to live a life of quality in every aspect of who we are.

Now, quality is, again, a subjective definition in that we all have different standards, different core values, when it comes to quality. But, in the larger sense, we seem to know intrinsically a quality product and a quality individual. Somehow it is just a sense of who we are from a soul level that gives us this insight.

In a sense, then, we are not only the company we keep, but the commitments we keep as well.

Become the quality that is a joyful life as that is our existence and ask the questions that lead you there.

Be a Person of Quality. Direct Your Power.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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