Commitment is one of those words that, for whatever the reason, has become nothing more than fodder for the advancement of the ego. Granted, the very word conjures up a prideful look at the core of who we are in everything we do.

Marketers us it to instill a sense of excellence in our minds;

The commitment to detail

We are committed to a relationship

We are committed to success

We are committed to making something work

We are committed to our families

The list goes on and on, does it not? How could we possibly derive any sense of egoic nature here. How could the ego possibly be involved with something so noble, so filled with hopefulness?

Indeed, how could it?

Well, we should look at first the actual meaning and, then, get to the heart of the matter, Commitment as an idea.

The dictionary says of commitment that it is The Act of Committing or the State of Being Committed and it is Dedication; Application. The synonyms for committed are; charge, committal, devoir (chore or task), duty, engagement, guarantee, liability, must, need, ought, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow, and word. Some of the Antonyms are; broken promise, denial, and refusal.

Looking over the list, it is extremely easy how the ego turns the very word into ways to get you away from living in the Present Moment and keeps your feet in the past and on a future-only vision that is filled with hope and achievement.

Now at the core, that doesn’t sound wrong but admirable, right?

But let’s look at it this way. We are creatures of joy and the reason we are here is to experience joy and expansion as human creations. We do things that brings us joy and if there is an obligation attached to something, the joy of doing so is diminished. Especially look at the antonyms in the list above and you can see where the ego would come in through the back door to plant a foothold on you. No one wants to break a promise, right?

At the heart of the matter here is the idea that commitment brings. It is, as stated in the definition, a “State of Being” and that is what is missed by many when trying to internalize the word commitment. Commitment, at its core, is that place that you are really comfortable with who you are in whatever it is you do. There is no hierarchy of emotions that are attached to any given even in your life for you are grounded with a sense of purpose for the perfection of Now. You are committed to this Present Moment and are excellent Now.

Lets look at ways to become the very idea of commitment.

3 Ways to Live the Idea of Commitment

Way 1: Understand that at the Heart of Commitment is only What Your Bring to it

You must move away from the concept of the long list of attributes that the ego ties you up in with the very word of commitment and begin to see yourself as a person of quality in this Now Moment alone. No matter how many ‘broken promises’ the ego tries to ties you to, it matters not. You are here and you are a being of excellence. There is only one place any commitment happens and that is Now.

Way 2: Understand that Others Cannot Insist on a Commitment Level from You

This is a trick one in that you are committed to your family, your pursuits, your friends, but here is the key here; YOU are the one committed. When someone decides for you, and you even allow it, you give away your power and the ego either strikes out in different ways or is engaged in the pursuit if getting your power back in the form of over-achieving or whatever else is needed by the ego to advance you. Essentially. you are taken away from being excellent for yourself in this Now Moment and are taken on a journey that is someones journey for you.

Way 3: Understand That There is No Obligation in Commitment

Anything you do for others, you do for yourself. That is why the concept of giving is so very important and that even if you have little to give in a monetary sense, the giving can be time and talents, if nothing else. The point here is that it is never a condition of the head, but always of the heart.

Commitment is an idea of excellence and when the ego subverts it in ways of an obligation, you become entangled in the journey of others and no longer a creature of excellence of though, word and deed in this Present Moment.

Let the past go and any ideas of commitments that may have fallen short. It no longer matters and if someone holds something over your head, that is no longer your business, but it is there journey alone. It is no longer any of your business what others think of you. The only commitment anyone truly has is ti themselves and the ideas of excellence they bring to each Present Moment.

Be that person. Direct Your Power.

Until next time…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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