Did you know that in the USA alone every year that over 15 Billion is spent on self-storage? We have so much stuff that we have to rent places to keep it all.

There was an old comedic routine done by the late comedian, George Carlin, where he talked of that very dilemma; the buying of bigger houses to make room for more of our stuff. He stated that it was not so much that we needed bigger houses for anything but that very fact, to hold our stuff.

Now, that same stuff has spilled over into a 15 Billion dollar industry because we think we need so much stuff.

When i was a kid, my mother did Spring Cleaning every year and it was really that we actually got rid of a bunch of our stuff we didn’t truly need. Except for the actual cleaning that she was hell-bent on putting us all through, i saw the simplicity of the process, even though she didn’t mean it as such.

Today shows like “Horders” fill our TV screens and we all drive by storage facilities that are more secure than some of our banks these days. I mean, do you know the process to get into one of those places?

Gates and guards and fences, Oh My. Man, oh man, we wouldn’t want anyone to steal our extra stuff, would we now.

What is my point?

I deal with many a client who harbors all kinds of stuff they no longer need in secure facilities within themselves. They are locked up and secured and kept ‘just in case’ they (well, the ego) needs to get to it later.


To be insulted by something, to be mad about something or mad at somebody, to remind themselves of the failures of the past and how, for some unknown reason, they cannot possibly advance until the stuff in storage is dealt with.

The challenge lies not so much with the stuff, but that it, the mental ‘stuff’ that is being kept under lock and key and surrounded by a moat that the ego has built and filled with gators just to make sure no one breeches, is there to begin with.

You wouldn’t want to rid yourself of some type of limiting behavior now would you?

You wouldn’t want to free yourself of the behaviors and feelings that, for some reason, are still serving you, would you?

Would You?

The 3 Step Process to Begin the Clean-Up Process

The mental storage facility that we have become so adept at hording all of the limitations and failures we hold so dear needs to be not only cleaned out, but we need to refuse to pay any more emotional rent on the facility as well.

Step 1: Understand the Nature of Your Facility.

We all harbor stuff for different reasons, but i have found that there seems to be a theme, a reason the ego has constructed such a fortress to begin with. If yours is anger, then you will see that many of the things you keep have an anger component attached. If it is being a victim, then the stuff that keeps you as such is the primary focus of the facility. Yes, there is usually a mixture as they all seem to feed on one another, but there is a dominant component, none the less.

Step 2: Move Everything Out of the Mental Storage Unit

Now, here is a mental process that is going to be your ‘spring cleaning’ of sorts. This is where the stuff needs to be dealt with and given away or, probably thrown away. It means that you need to ask yourself the basic question, ‘Why is this serving me?” However, this is the final spring cleaning you must do.

Be honest.

Step 3: Refuse to Pay Any More Emotional Rent

I have found this step, believe it or not, the most difficult to deal with. It seems that most will go through the spring cleaning process, but it is exactly that, a ‘spring cleaning’. Most anticipate another one coming so holding on to the storage unit is a must.

There is a process in time management that says that where most fall down is the failure to deal with papers, folders or items in the time management stream that can be dealt with now. The procedure is that once something comes into your hand, you either deal with it, assign it  to someone, or file it only if there is a component that is missing that you are waiting on someone else to do.

As good Now Moment souls that we are, we know that if we deal with it in one of these ways, we no longer attach any emotional energy to it. When the missing components are attached we then complete the journey of that item. We have no need to have a bunch of papers, magazines, or useless items filling our spaces.

Such is the journey of those things that were in the mental storage unit. You no longer have a use for the storage unit nor will you ever. Deal with it and free it so that this Present Moment is the one you exist in. Do not allow the past, the storage unit filled to the brim, be your existence.

Rid yourself of it once and for all for the truth is that the very nature of storage units make you a slave of your stuff and you are a better creator than that.

Direct Your Power.

Until next time…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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