Growing up i was a child of two worlds; A father who was more a Now Moment thinker and a mother who was really a “If a frog had wings” kind of person.

While most would call this a relationship that was one of those ‘opposites attract’ situations, i was not as inclined to see that sort of relationship play out between them.

You could say that i was cured at an early age of the “What If” scenarios that life seemed to bring when i would parrot a “what if” situation my mother was so inclined to dispel. My father would say to me when i would approach him with a ‘what if’ things like, “Son, if a frog had wings, then he would not bump his ass on the ground when he hops.”

My dad was a pithy retort kinda guy and i would often put that statement along side of the little sayings that my grandmother had on her wall like, “I once complained when i had no shoes, then i met a man that had no feet.” They were cute and all, but it was only when i thought with my soul rather than my egoic nature did i begin to see the sense it actually made.

Now, i don’t believe my dad meant it to be so thought-provoking, but used the sayings more as a way to get rid of me for a minute. Let’s just say he had to get more creative as he went along with me as i tended to be a bit more reflective than my siblings, but it was in those moments that i embraced the beginnings of the concept of Now Moment thinking. Even though my dad was torn between two worlds as he tried to appease my mother’s “what if” scenarios, in his moments with me, he seem to reach out as much as he could with the beauty of Present Moment thinking.

The point here is that the ego is a “what if” sort who tries to paint a Ying/Yang pairing of ‘what ifs’ and Now Moments. It as if the ego is saying, “Its OK to be a Now Moment person, but you need the ‘what ifs’ to keep you ‘grounded.’

Now, that is a favorite word of the ‘what if’ crowd; “You gotta stay ‘grounded’ or “Get you head out of the clouds by living in the moment, You need to be grounded.” I am sure you have heard them all as well.

But it is here that we find ourselves at odds with the world if you are so inclined to be living in the Present Moment. The ego loves to play out ‘what if’ scenarios to the point that often times you have no memory of the original thought process that provoked the original ‘what if’ to begin with.

That is the confusion of the ego at its core. To keep you always teetering on confusion so that you depend on it to truly guide you in the circumstances of life. I deal more with the ‘what ifs’ with coaching clients that it seems with any other egoic tendency as most ‘what if’ their lives to a point that it is hard to get to the true core that makes people as they are.

But ‘what ifs’ are to be dealt with if you are desiring an existence that is free of the egoic nature that tends to lead you down dark allys that you don’t deserve to be traveling. It really comes down to the questions you ask more than anything.

At its core, ‘what if’ is nothing more than disguised worry. It desires that you conjure up all scenarios that are usually, by nature, negative in their conception. The ‘what ifs’ are the egos way of telling you that no matter what dire circumstance might happen, it can handle things for you.

So you let it. You give your ego complete and total charge of your company know as ‘You, Inc.’

But the funny thing is, you still assert that you are so ‘in control’ to anyone who will listen. You’re in charge. You are the big cheese.

Yeup, you are your OWN person, that’s for sure.

It is only when you release all the ‘what ifs’ of your life and life truly grounded in this Now Moment will you retain control of ‘You Inc.’

But it is a choice you must make for yourself. I make no judgements as we all are all on our own journey. It is my journey to assist you in Directing Your Power to a place that brings you joy if you so desire, but you must choose.

Choose well.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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