Fear and Love can not co-exist on any level together, ever.

This is a pretty bold statement, as i have been told, but it has been my experience that truth is sometimes that which makes you uncomfortable. As most are comfortable in their fears, it is the ‘Why’ that is the real question. Why have you allowed your fears to be so much a part of your existence.

Now, most would admit that fears, or being fearful, is not a state that they desire. But the truth is that their fears do indeed serve them. Their fears are used to bolster and advance the ego in any situation the ego is involved in, and that appears to be most.

Buddha said, “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

Now one might think that the Buddha was saying that we are to become an island, to a degree, but what he was saying was that fear was really the essence of the ego’s hold on you and, in the grips of fear, you cannot truly progress.

When you detach from the ego’s hold and not allow others to influence your egoic nature, you are free. If you don’t allow fear to suggest a future that does not exist as of yet and just allow yourself to ‘be”, then you are free from the effects that fear has on you. You are truly freed from a life of servitude to the effects of fear.

In our discussion of fear over these last several posts, we have determined that fear is a virus that must be isolated and eradicated for our system, that is us, to continue to operate at peak efficiency.

Really, it all comes down to love. As has been said, fear and love cannot co-exist, but it is funny how the ego uses fear in conjunction with love, is it not?

I had a client who used fear as a love vehicle when she was telling me of the fears she had about her daughter, who was in the midst of a divorce. She feared the ‘future’ for her daughter and her children, the client’s grandchildren. She was fearful of her daughter making bad decisions that would affect the kids.

On the surface, it seems logical, right? But as i delved deeper with her, her fear was not so much about her daughter at all, but how her daughter’s divorce would reflect on her parenting style in some way, as if it had anything to do with it at all. So as much as the ego was telling her that she was fearful about some unwritten future, it was really about the egoic nature of my client and how she would be portrayed.

Now, there is no judgement here at all, but a simple view into the way the ego will take love and use it as fodder for fear and the ego getting its own way.

In our first two steps, we desired that you understand the true nature of fear within you and in step 2, desired that you make a commitment when it came to the fear that has driven your life; a commitment to go through the doors that have stopped you from progressing.

The 2.5 Fear Solution


Step 3. Understanding the True Nature of Love.

As our ever-evolving software continues to discover new ways to deal with the viruses that attack our system, know as “You, inc.”, we look at the core of all systems and that is love.

Now this is certainly the subject of many posts on its own and i am sure we will go there as the Now Moments present themselves, but for this discussion, we will look at love as the ultimate Anti-Virus we could possibly use.

You see, when fear attacks, it is not so much attacking the system as a whole, but seeks to cripple that part of the system that feeds all parts of the system.

To give you an example, if someone told you to break a bunch of dishes on a finely decorated table quickly and efficiently, the best way would be not to go after each individual dish, but instead, pull the table cloth off with all of the dishes at once. The whole system is affected and the system must then be rebuilt.

This is what fear does, at its core. It attempts to take out love as love is the table cloth that holds all aspects of the fine-dining experience together. Once love is infected by fear, then getting to the dishes is a small feat.

But fear is a sly one in that fear is not so overt as to be like a magician who takes out the table cloth in one feel swoop leaving the dishes unattached to one another. No, it often wraps itself in that very love and then gently tears away the cloth a little at a time making you believe that you are operating from a position of love.

You are not. If fear is involved at all, you never are.

So, at the core of Step 3, is to become love in all situations. Examine any fear that may be attempting to wrap itself in love and open your eyes to it. For the instant we feel fear, we have already ceased the connection to love and the truth of love within us, and have begun striving simply for ourselves, for the ego that seeks to control us.

So become the love that is devoid of fear and life will become a place that beauty lives fearless. It is your choice and we are all on our own journey, but living in that journey with a freedom from fear is truly the way life was meant to be lived in every Now Moment.

Understand the Nature of Fear. Make the Commitment to be free of it and Love, for therein lies the keys to a joyful journey.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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