I love the abc TV show called, the Shark Tank, that broadcasts on Friday’s on the abc Network. If your haven’t seen it, give it a look as it really does embrace the concept of fear in so many ways.

The premise is that you have 5 well-known investors who listen to various product creators as they ‘pitch’ their ideas to these savvy business moguls for a chance to take their ideas to a wider audience with their financial backing.

The very cool aspect of many of the ideas/creations is that they are usually born from a passion of the person(s) who are presenting the ideas and have a sense of purpose and are not simply ‘just to make money’. The ones who are seeking the Shark’s funding are standing before the Sharks with simply a vision of what could be and are asking for monetary assistance and, even more important, mentor-ship to guide the products from creation to a wider market.

The product presenters don’t always get the funding, most don’t, but they are there putting aside their fears for a larger vision. Many of them who don’t get the funding often will get calls from other possible investors after the program airs. Investors that do see their vision and are willing to take a chance on the person with the idea.

The overall concept here, i believe, is that these people embraced their fears, that egoic nature to play it safe and not allow yourself to be hurt. They saw something outside themselves and went for it and disallowed ego and fear to be involved. Instead, they allowed their passion for their idea or concept to triumph over fear.

Why do you think people who find out that they are dying all of a sudden start developing or, at long last, start knocking off the items on their bucket list.

You do know what a bucket list is, right? Simply, all of those things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. If you haven’t got one, start one. If nothing else you will begin to see what fear and the ego are keeping you from.

In the 2.5 Fear Solution mentioned in the last post, we discussed the nature of fear how and it isolates and terrifies you like a bad computer virus. It infects your very soul and, like a computer virus, we often download it quite innocently.

You see, no one goes about downloading fear. However, well-meaning parents who instill fear in their child about every possible harmful element of life and a media and society who scream at you with headline after headline about the dreadful things that will happen to you just for the fact that you are breathing are used by the ego and fear to envelop you in a climate of fear. We have become a culture of fear and it is time to stem the tide.

You see, the ego is like the government. In the USA and in other governments around the world, they try to instill in their citizenry that they, are the only solution for all fear that you might be subjected to and that they must protect you from, well, everything. What fear does, with the ego, is to tell you that you are to live in complete mistrust of everyone and everything. That love no longer matters and that life is a dangerous place.

Well, there is one thing that is true for all of us; we all do not get out of life alive, that much is for sure. But here is the beauty of what fear and the ego do not tell you. Life is a a beautiful place that and that we are to bring every ounce of joy and living to it with a reckless abandon.

There is an old saying that i like that says, ‘if you aren’t living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.’ Ego and fear, or as i like to call them FEego, hate that. They exist to make you normal, what ever that is, and to keep you safe and secure…Whatever THAT means, as well.

The Fear Solution 2.5

In step 1, we were to understand the true nature of fear. From here we shall build our software program, or app, to deal with fear in our lives.

Fear Solution 2.5 Step 2: Make a Commitment to Yourself

Like in the Shark Tank, we should be ready to stand before ourselves and present our ideas so as to go beyond ourselves. You see, in that show, the people may have tons of fear and apprehensions about themselves, at the core, but it is as if once they walk through the big doors into the Shark Tank, they make a commitment at that point as it is too late to turn back.

Maybe you have had many ideas and fear has kept you from exploring them. Your ego has used its best pal, fear, as a way to keep you from advancing.

Here is the challenge; We are expansive creatures. We are the very nature of the Universe itself. It expands as so do we. Believe it or not, it is the truth. It is like gravity. You may not believe in the concept of it, but step off the building and that concept will change in a micro-second.

As is the expression in many a sales environment goes, ‘When you are green you are growing, When you are ripe you are rotten.” Essentially, we are ever-evolving creatures that need to expand our consciousness and our world.

It took Edison over 1500 times with the light bulb to get it right. When someone asked him about why he kept going after ‘failing’ so many times. Edison responded, ‘I didn’t fail 1500 times, i just found 1500 times it didn’t work.’

Thank God for him and Thank God for you. It is time to make a commitment to yourself that fear and ego are no longer part of your existence. Don’t take the pronouncement from a doctor to get your bucket list started.

The Bucket List concept is really the removal of fear and ego, for what is the use of safety and security when we understand there is none. No person, work environment or government can guarantee you anything. Fear is not a factor any longer in your life once you make the commitment to yourself.

In Part 3, we will look at the steps to take to embrace your new found commitment, for here in the weeds lies fear and ego waiting, often disguised as ‘well-meaning’ family and friends.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best!

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