For some reason, at this time of the year, around that Day called Valentines, many movies are released that are, for a lack of a better term, slasher movies.

For some reason, love and being killed and maimed, are somehow interlinked. Insert your own comment here as most have a story of love being like that. But as soon as you have allowed the ego to ‘remind’ you of some relationship gone bad, put away your fears about love and move on.

Now there is no doubt that movies such as these are released for a reason; a subliminal and cynical look at love, i suppose. But i tend to have a different view of it all and a view that tends to the real issue here; the fear of it all in love and in life.

You see, a culture of fear that we now live in, grabs and holds us in the very seat of power that is always the ego. There is no rationalization for not being simply the very best for yourself and for those who inhabit your realm. If you exist in fear, then you take away the power given to you by the universe to become magnificent creatures of pure joy.

The ego is so in charge of the fear solution in your life that there is a very real possibility that you are totally unaware that you have succumbed to this way of life.

Fear, and all associated layers the ego uses to keep you grounded in your Now Moments, is the place you desire deep in the recesses of your heart not to be. But somehow through the media, social interactions and the past that your ego has decided to keep you in, you don’t progress in thought, word or deed.

You merely exist.

What is fear, then? It is “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.” as is described in the dictionary.

The key here that is the basis for the ego; “belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

Really? This is how you desire to take the most magnificent creation of the Universe, the human life-force, and allow some egoic belief that something is LIKELY to cause pain or threat?

What are some of the synonyms for the word, likely, here? They are, probable, plausible, feasible, apt, fit and possible. None of these words that have any certainly attached to them but they are words the ego uses to keep you in a constant state of non-action and in a place of discontent, what many call ‘out of balance.’

The 2.5 Fear Solution

In this era of software updates and beta testing, we have the Fear Solution 2.5. For as does fear and the ego evolve to become this new strain, like a nasty virus in your computer, we become more vigilant with every release of our solutions to rid you of fear and of the egoic nature that holds you back.

The 2.5 Fear Solution is a series of steps that take you from where you are to where you desire to be in a way that dispenses of the egoic nature that holds you in that place in your live where “likely” has become a concrete, unmovable block in your path.

2.5 Step 1: The understanding of the nature of fear

While the ego uses the elements of fear to hold you in a place you often don’t desire to be, you must understand that the beginning of fear within will manifest outside of yourself.

You see, since fear is so intertwined in our lives, it is hard to understand the truth about it as a force in any given situation. It seems the fear of one situation, totally unrelated to another, becomes the rationale to infect the secondary fear.

Here is a very simple example that people use to rationalize what i call, across-the-board fear. I was at a party recently where a lady was talking about her pets. She proceeded to tell her guest that she didn’t like cats because, when she was a young girl, a cat, according to her, attacked her. She said that she didn’t like cats because of that.

Yes, i can see what she means. When i was a young boy, an adult was mean to me as well, therefore i don’t like any adults now. Wait, that was my parent and i am sure i did nothing to instigate that at all. Also, in my primitive, child-like mind, i was a very me-centered creature that was hyper-sensitive to any tonal qualities of someone ‘being mean’ to me.

Do you see how the ego uses an incident to carry into life in general? Understanding the nature of fear really involves taking the situation that is ‘likely’ causing you to not progress and dissecting it like a surgeon to get to the root cause of fear.

Like a computer program, we will take the virus and use our computer code to isolate and eradicate the past hurt or whatever the ego has used to ‘protect’ you from this current-day situation.

And like computer code, we are simply performing the functions of our code without an emotional attachment, if at all possible. The key here is to isolate the virus to rid ourselves from cross-contamination that the virus causes.

However, like a computer virus, fear can cause the whole system to shut down forcing a reinstall.

Sometime that is exactly what we need to do.

In the next post, we will continue with the 2.5 Fear Solution and how to reset your computer to not allow fear to become your living and loving pattern for life.

Until then…

Be Excellent, Expect the Best


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