When i was a young lad and looking to be the ‘star of the show’, i imagined what it would be like to be at the front of the stage as a leading man in the school musical. I hoped that i would be great for the part and that i would be fantastic as the lead. I hoped for a very cool future because i knew i was up for the challenge as i set my sights on trying out.

Who could ever argue about the very nature of Hope and the beauty within the very word of a future filled with possibilities, right?

The challenge for me was that at the time when the show was being cast, i was not even remotely ‘right’ for the part. I was talented, yes, as i had a few acting stints under my belt, more than most who were trying out for the lead, but i was yet to discover this whole thing called ‘looking the part’ that i had not fully grasp at that point in my fledgling career. I was getting to be a pretty good actor for a young high school student, yes, but i had not the looks for certain parts. Those were just the facts.

Even in our modern society, we seem to have this entitlement concept, regardless of whether or not we are ‘right for the part’. We seem to believe that because we hoped it to be, that our ego said  because we hoped as much, we are somehow entitled to that in which we hoped for.

You see, there seems to be a side of hope that is not so optimistic at its core. The ego swoops in and under the guise of advancing you into the future in a ‘hopeful’ manner, the ego takes full control of hope and uses it as a weapon against yourself.

One way, of course is when things don’t go as ‘hoped for”. The ego keeps you in a state of scarcity and lack by making you hopeful of something, but telling you ‘not to get your hopes up’ at the same time.

Have you been there?

It is the same attitude of lack as discussed in the previous post on Lack and the Ego. Essentially, at its core, it is when you say statements such as, “i am hopeful, but i am waiting for the other shoe to fall.” or ‘When something good happens, that means something bad must be right around the corner.” Statements such as these are the ego’s attempt to keep you in a constant state of hoping but not expecting; two conditions diametrically opposed to one another.

But it is as if we are being led to this dark side of hope. Hope, then, becomes, characterized by waiting for other people or events to change so that we can be happy or get what we want. In this respect, hope is like the dark side of positive thinking. Insidious in nature, yet always putting on a positive face. It is the way the ego keeps you in check and under the thumb of its ever-watchful eye.

You see, there are two kinds of hope. The hope that was just spelled out, a darker side of being ‘so-called’ positive, and the way hope is actually to be lived, as a creator.

The true essence of hope, then, is as a producer. True hope produces the action steps that enable the hope to become manifest in your life. When your hope is based in an ever-changing future of individuals and circumstances, it can quickly turn to hopelessness and to the turning to the ego for ‘peace of mind’, in which there never is.

When directing a show, i would never pass out scrips and say, ‘I hope when Opening Night comes we all know all our parts.’ and never rehearse in the meantime. No, we would produce the hopeful outcome of Opening Night in our Present Moment rehearsals where life, the play, happened.

The best way to look at it then is that Hope becomes your future reality when action meets opportunity. All happens in the Now Moments of life.

3 Ways to Become a Hope Producer

Step 1: Don’t Play the Waiting Game.

Examine your current hopes. Are you waiting for some action from some future event or person to manifest to make your hope a reality? The dictionary defines hope as, “the desire for something to happen while expecting or being confident that it will come true”. This is the waiting game that the ego uses so adeptly at securing a foothold in your life.

We are conditioned to wait and it is in that conditional waiting that the hopefulness then becomes a darkness of the soul.

Step 2: Look at Hope as a Way to Produce Creative Now Moments.

Hope is an action based thriller that you write in every Now Moment. Hope is the way you create excellence in though, word, mind and deed and the only way to truly look upon the gift of hope is to become the creator of hope within.

You create the action plan for hope and are the one guiding it.

Does hope depend on others and life in general? Yes, to a degree, but it is all from a Law of Attraction state of mind. When you are a creator, a producer of hope, you create the action steps in this Now Moment alone. Don’t get caught in the trap of always waiting for some ‘future’ event for there is no future that you can put your hand upon. There is only this Now Moment, where all hope creates its joy. The Law of Attraction, then, manifests the creative action steps that creates substance to your hopes.

Step 3. An Attitude of Gratitude for All Now Moments Creates Joy in Hope

This is one of the very crucial elements of living and of the very art of hope. Your attitude must foster a sense of hopefulness in every circumstance. Again, hope is not to be confused with mindless Positive Thinking as that is merely a cover, not an action. True Positive Thinking is a way of life and the very way you live your life.

Essentially, Positive Thinking is an Attitude of Gratitude in action in every Now Moment.

This is only the beginning of the way to become a producer and creator of hope, but a true beginning to becoming a true creature of hope. Don’t allow ego to tarnish that which gives your Now Moments an expectation of greatness.

Examine, Create and do so with an Attitude of Gratitude, for herein lies the heart of hope.

Remember to Be Excellent and Expect the Best.


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